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Rihanna’s Israeli controversy , a call from space, Movie Day and more…This week from Israel

by Noga Gur-Arieh

October 28, 2013 | 12:21 pm

Did Rihanna say “All I see is Palestine?”

Haaretz.com claimed she did, in the middle of her performance in Tel-Aviv. The news spread quickly and even reached The Huffington Post, until The Times of Israel revealed the accusations aimed to the Israel-fan pop star were not true. 

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Texas is Nazareth

The prestigious Texas A&M University will open a new branch in the city of Nazareth in northern Israel, "Hashalom" Campus, in which some 2,500 students are expected to enroll. This will be the first time a leading foreign university is opening a branch in an Israeli-Arab city.

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The day of local municipalities

On Tuesday, municipal elections took place in Israel. On that day, all citizens of all cities and local councils cast their vote for the future of their home. The municipal elections in Israel consist of two ballots - a yellow ballot one for a candidate to be the chairman of the local authority in a direct election, and a white ballot for a list of candidates for the city councils or the local councils.

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Dubai and Qatar made Israel disappear

Israel's swim team kicked off the season with participation in two competitions, in Dubai and in Qatar, where they listed several achievements and even broke some records. This did not prevent the competition's organizers, who are not big fans of Israel, to paint the Israeli flag completely white, and avoid from using the word “Israel.”

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Israelis to develop the new generation of automobiles

When needing to come up with a brand new startup, would you turn to anywhere else but the Startup Nation? General Motors have been working on the next generation of automobiles: a self-driving, self-parking car that, equipped with a wealth of sensors and communications equipment, aims to reduce car accidents. The technology needed for this vehicle of the future is being developed at GM’s research and development facility in Israel.

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Movie Time!

On Thursday, Israel held its very first annual Cinema Day, under the banner “Movie Time.” On that day, movie theaters offered tickets at reduced prices to all movies, including 3D movies. The price of a regular film was 10NIS (2.8$) instead of 38, and the price of a 3D film was 14NIS (3.95$) instead of 44. As you probably guessed, there was not an empty seat left.

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In space with the EU

Another big loss to BDS! The pressure put on the European Union to boycott Israel is nothing compared to the major profit they can gain from cooperating with the Israeli brain. At a gala event held last week in Jerusalem, Science and Technology Minister Yaakov Peri and the head of the Israel Space Agency, Menachem Kidron, signed an agreement with European Union officials to give Israeli researchers and companies access to projects associated with the EU’s Galileo satellite program. 

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Papua New Guinea’s PM plants a tree for the future of the world

During an official visit to Israel, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O’Neill, planted a tree Jerusalem’s Grove of Nations. O’Neill and his entourage also visited Yad VaShem, the memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, which overlooks the planting site.

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A call from space

Next Thursday, students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem will go through a once in a lifetime experience, listening to a lecture from space. For the first time, Israel will have a live video hookup with the International Space Station, when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, a member of the European Space Agency’s mission on the space station, will give a lecture to the students and then answer their questions. On the day of the broadcast, he will have been in space for 166 days, during which time he has conducted nearly two dozen experiments.

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Plan to visit Israel soon?

Make sure you don’t miss the Artist’s Colony at Ein Hod. This creative community located in the northern Carmel region has given rise to 18 galleries as 14 workshops for visitors.

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