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Remembering Anne Frank, BDS, mission to space and more…This week from Israel!

by Noga Gur-Arieh

December 23, 2013 | 12:35 pm

A look at Israel’s most unique buildings

Ynetnews.com turned to several leading Israeli architects and asked them to recommend specially designed building worth visiting in Israel. From the Museum of Art at Ein Harod to the Glass House in Haifa – take a glimpse at the best of the Israeli architecture!

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Ari Folman’s next powerful creation

Watlz With Bashir’s director, Ari Folman, started working on an animation film based on the life and diary of Anne Frank, one of the most famous Jewish victims of the Holocaust. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Folman and producer Diana Elbaum (who worked with him on the award winning The Congress) negotiated the rights for the worldwide release, on all media and in all languages, for the new animated film.

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Skiing in Jerusalem?

You bet!



Benayoun to shine in England

It is official: the former West Ham United, Liverpool and Chelsea player, Israeli midfielder Yossi Benayoun, has signed a short-term contract with English Championship club Queen's Park Rangers.

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Israel- on of the U.S’s biggest innovation partners

The US-Israel Science & Technology Foundation (USISTF) has created a “U.S.-Israel Innovation Index” to measure bilateral research and development between the U.S. and other countries. After picking 16 countries that were geographically diverse, had links to the US and had strong innovative tech companies, the results showed that Switzerland, Israel and Canada are the U.S’s biggest innovation partners.

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To infinity and beyond!

Scientists from Tel Aviv University were chosen to take part in an international space project. Together with Astronomers from all over the world, the Israeli team on Thursday sent to space a vehicle named Gaia, which is expected to bring about a “revolution in the understanding of our galaxy.” Gaia will carry a telescope and other equipment that will map with unprecedented accuracy more than a billion stars and receive a 3-D map of the Milky Way, the galaxy in which our solar system is located.

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Are Israeli Business Travelers Israel’s New Ambassadors?

Israeli Businessmen and women, who travel around the world, are regularly confronted with challenging questions regarding Israel, its foreign policies and the question of peace in the Middle East. The Ariel Foundation and the pro-Israel non-profit organization, StandWithUs, have recognized the need to help these business people find the answers to these questions, and to enable them to respond with pride and confidence when asked: Where are you from?”

Last Monday, senior businessmen and women participated in a tailor-made seminar that focused on looking at Israel’s international image and provided effective workshops and training to deal with responses to these difficult questions about Israel. The unique seminar included briefings by Col. (Res.) Miri Eisin, former spokesperson of the Prime Minister, and communication and training experts.

BDS pressure on NBC

The Palestine Liberation Organization is now pressuring NBC to halt all production on a major new US drama series set to be filmed next year in East Jerusalem. DIG, is an archaeological thriller from the Israeli Homeland writer, Gideon Raff, which follows a US FBI agent who stumbles upon a massive conspiracy while struggling to solve a murder. A leading Palestinian official claimed that filming the show would help Israel “ethnically cleanse” Jerusalem.

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Israel’s futuristic folding car

Inside a small workshop near Rosh HaAyin, Israel, three engineers are readying Israel’s entry into the folding-car arena. The City Transformer quadricycle is designed as an electric two-seater that folds down with the press of a button from 1.6 meters to just one meter (3.2 feet) in width. In will weigh only 400 kilograms (880 pounds) and its 2.2-meter (7.2 feet) length matches the size of a motorcycle parking spot.

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A Memorandum of Understanding between Israel and the U.S

After the awarding of the million-dollar ‘Brain Prize’ earlier this year, Israel Brain Technologies has entered into its first practical research project with American groups. Last week, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between several U.S. and Israeli institutions. Their research will center on discovering novel ways to treat illness – especially Alzheimer’s Disease – using brain research techniques.

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The world's oldest Jewish coin  landed in Israel

An American donor gave the Israel Museum in Jerusalem a collection of 1,200 ancient silver Persian coins. It dates to the period a century or more after the Achaemenid Persian Empire under Cyrus II (the Great) conquered and annexed the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 539 BCE. In this collection, there is what the museum has identified as the world’s oldest Jewish coin.

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