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One Israeli creation for the weekend

by Noga Gur-Arieh

November 29, 2013 | 11:58 am

Einstein. May he rest in peace/ Wikipedia.

Arik Einstein, one of the greatest musicians of Israel’s history, died Tuesday night at the age of 74 at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, hours after he suffered a fatal hemorrhage. That night, all of Israel mourned. 

He was born in Tel Aviv in 1939 and served in the Nahal troops' entertainment group as part of his military service. Upon his release from the IDF, he began performing in the theater and joined the Green Onion band. In 1964, he joined Yehoram Gaon and Benny Amdursky in the Yarkon Bridge Trio.

Einstein's first album, "Shar Bishvilech" (Singing for You), was released in 1966. Around the same time, he joined The High Windows musical group, who created several Israeli rock classics. In between, he formed the Lool (Chicken Coop) comedy troupe. In 1973, he released the album "Eretz Yisrael Hayeshana Vehatova" (Good Old Land of Israel). In 1978, he released another album, the soundtrack for the film “Sus Etz" (Wooden Horse.) In 1982, Einstein teamed up with guitarist and composer Itzhak Klepter and the two released the album "Yoshev Al Hagader" (Sitting on the Fence).

Overall, he released more than 40 albums and collaborated with many Israeli singers and composers to create Israel’s rock soundtrack. Although he stopped performing in the 80’s (after being involved in a car accident,) and in recent years left his house very few times, he is considered a rock legend and a very important part of the Israeli culture.

"You and I will change the world,
You and I, then all will follow.
Others have said it before, but that doesn't matter.
You and I will change the world.

You and I will start at the beginning
It will be difficult.
But that doesn't matter. It's not so bad.
Others have said it before, but that doesn't matter.
You and I will change the world."

From Einstein’s song, Ani VeAta (You and I)


Ma Ata Ose Kshe Ata Kam Baboker (What do you do when you wake up) - With Shalom Hanoch


Kshe At Bocha (When you cry)


Adon Shoko (Mr. Coco) - From Ainstein's children's album

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