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One Israeli creation for the weekend

by Noga Gur-Arieh

December 27, 2013 | 11:04 am

Matti Caspi/ Wikipedia.

Matti Caspi is an Israeli composer, singer, musician and lyricist. His many creations, for him and for other Israeli artists, granted him the title of one of Israel’s top musicians.

His musical career launched while serving in the IDF as a performer in the Southern Command Troupe. He formed a trio with two of his friends, Gadi Oron and Ya’akov Noy, called The Three Fat Men. With this trio Caspi came out with his first big hit, Ani Met (I am dying). During the 70’s, Caspi worked closely with songwriter Ehud Manor, and together they created some of his most popular songs. Later, Caspi began working with the biggest names in the Israeli music industry, such as Shlomo Gronich, Ehud Manor, Yehudit Ravitz, and Shalom Hanoch.


So far, Caspi has released close to 1,000 songs, for himself and for others. He released a total of 29 albums with original songs as well as remakes of older songs. He is known for his complicated music style with a unique use of harmonies, influenced by jazz, Brazilian music, rock and Latin music.


Lakahta Et Yadi BeYadcha (You took my hand with your hand)


Kshe Elohim Amar BaPa'am HaRishona (When God said for the first time)


Brit Olan (Eternal alliance)


Achoti HaKtana (My little sister)

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