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One Israeli creation for the weekend

by Noga Gur-Arieh

November 22, 2013 | 12:43 pm

Naomi Young.

Naomi Young is a poet and an artist, currently living in Los Angeles, but was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. Drawn from an early age to the art and surrounded by the beauty of the city, Young was captivated and often wanted to capture her feelings through her art and poetry.

"When I was seven years old, I received a yellow crayon from my teacher for being an excellent reader. It meant a lot to me, for I grew up with no art supplies or toys," She tells Israelife of the moment her artistic journey began.

In her poetry, Naomi invites the reader to take a glimpse into her soul, to share her strong yearnings for her loved ones, left so far behind and other places in the heart. In her book “Reflections of my Art and Soul” the artist exposes herself in an intimate and insightful way, yet she finds wit and humor in every situation. She is emerging as a talented artist and her colorful and expressive paintings adorn her poetry books.


Enjoy three of her poems, with paintings reflecting the words and feeling from them:

My  Jerusalem

Sitting in the heart of Jerusalem, it feels nice
to watch the passers go by,
as if I’m in a rich museum, one of a kind,
it’s a feast for the eyes!
So many people, a plethora of styles and colors,
different tastes, aromas and flavors!

Two soldiers are strolling, the Russian looks a little busy,
the Ethiopian is smiling, he’s taking it easy…
they are “brothers”
of the uniforms, casually sharing a drink and laughter…
Musicians with an accordion and a guitar,
longing for the landscapes they left behind, real far,
though they’re feeling at home, at last,
they’re playing an old Russian tune from days past...

The tune is full of nostalgia, so soft and tender
it will make you melt and surrender…
A pretty young woman is dressed
to impress, prancing with a very short skirt,
she’s in a mood to flirt…

An Israeli guy who tries hard to look like all the rest,
thinks he looks his best
with baggy pants, half shaved head, one earring, no less…
A typical pushy Sabra girl is laughing aloud with her group
chewing gum with such chutzpah and attitude!

Orthodox girls are also pushing…strollers,
and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders…
An old bearded man is selling red strings as good luck charm.
Surely it will spare you from any harm,
it’ll give you good health and livelihood, like a potion,
and for a small donation
he’ll bless you with a great devotion…

A seasoned blend of all kinds of flavors,
it’s a feast for the eyes right now in here,
I’m taking a deep breath of the air that’s crisp and clear,
as if I’m trying to absorb this colorful atmosphere.
In the narrow cobblestones alley people are sitting around,
loud music is sounding in the background…

A blend of smells and flavors with such flair,
an aroma of falafel is in the air.
Busy cafes with revolving people, whom in a quick glance
look like they’re not doing much, don’t have a chance,
with no purpose or destination.

These hard working people laden with worries and tensions
just try to escape from wars and  confrontations
and the daily pressure, at all cost.
Loving their friends and family, they love life the most!

But above all,
they seek peace and quiet for their tired souls…
Oh how I long to comfort these beautiful faces
and see the joy of living in these ever changing places.
Jerusalem- many peoples and languages
a parade of characters and images,
nations and religions
different colors and origins.

My Jerusalem-
when I see you thrive,
my soul is revived.
In you, I feel alive!


The seven days of creation                                                                                        

On the first day to the creation of the world
it was pitch black and complete void,
total chaos and mess,
nothing but darkness,
then, with thunderous boom and lightning so bright
came the big bang. God created light!

On the second day, there was water everywhere
wherever lakes, seas and rivers were.
Moisture filled the heavy clouds
it was non- stop pouring all around!
God separated the rain that was steady and slow
from the gushing water that was flowing below…

On the third day He gathered the waters to one place
into oceans, rivers, seas and  lakes,
and now, on the dry land there were trees and flowers
bushes, plants, vegetables and fruits of many colors!

On the fourth day, so the bible says,
lights were created for the night and the day.
For the day a huge ball of fire with rays of light
and moon and  so many stars to shine at night.

On the fifth day He made the sea creatures; whales,
octopus and sea lions swimming in corals and shells,
crocodiles, sharks, dolphins and jelly fish
and fish In any shape, size or color that you ever wish!
Above the sea in the beautiful blue sky
a red robin, blue jay and an eagle could fly, 
owls and ravens, even a white dove
would spread their wings and soar above.

On the sixth day animals and beasts roamed the lands,
from a tiny purple butterfly to big elephants,
lizards and chameleons, zebras and lions.
Tigers, giraffes and rhinoceros,
monkeys and hippopotamus,
all having fun under the sun.

But the masterpiece of creation by the creator,
The Master of the world Himself, the only operator
was making a Man after his likeness
to fill the earth with wisdom and kindness.
Man will be superior to all other creatures.
He’ll dominates them all, giants and miniatures.
Knowing that it’s not good for man to be alone
and that man needs for his children a home,
He created for him a partner, a lover and wife
to cherish and enjoy for the rest of his life.

Together they work, repair and build the world
till they reach one hundred and twenty years old.
And when it was all said and done,
God was very pleased when He looked all around,
He completed the heavens and the earth!
So after some rest, He took a very deep breath…
He made the seventh day the very best
more special and holy than all the rest!
A day when one can pray, meditate and celebrate
rest, reflect and rejuvenate,
a day of peace and quiet,
pure joy and delight!

Thus with glory, exaltation and perfection
God concluded the seven days of the creation.



Deep Thoughts on Shallowness

Some days I look real nice on the outside,
but I feel shallow and subdued on the inside,
my hair is straight as sticks and falls flat
and my belly just sticks out…
Mirrors might show my reflection,
but can’t reflect my inner jubilation,
I may look like a fool,
but I feel amazingly cool!

I might look like I neglect
myself; But I feel great!
I think deep and reflect,
paint, decorate and create.
Wow! It’s so great to feel elated,
regardless of how I’m “decorated”.
Deep inside, we all need
to see, that beauty is only skin deep.

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