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One Israeli creation for the weekend

by Noga Gur-Arieh

August 30, 2013 | 12:48 pm

Elad David. Photo taken by Elad Weissman

Elad David was born in Jerusalem and has been living and working in Tel Aviv since 2003.  David graduated from the Minshar School of Arts, and holds a B.A. in Arts and Social Sciences. As a professional photographer, David specializes in portraiture, street art, fashion, and PR photography.

In his works, David deals with imagery from a personal place, relating to events from his past and present, as well as other events and periods in his life.  His work touches on various subjects from gender, family and surroundings to boyhood, photographer-illustrated relations and other fields as environmental portraits of interiors and outdoors, a graphic adaptation of elements in the urban space. David often fuses personal texts with his photography as part of his choice not to be limited to the media he uses therefore you can sometimes find in his art different means other than photography such as text, painting, scanning and replication.

Many of David’s photography works are portraits, which some of them include artistic male nudity.  These works of portraiture aim to question the relationship between the photographer and his illustrated subject and the willingness of the subject, as well as the photographer, to expose themselves while being part of the same work. David's work has been presented in many exhibits in Israel, and became very well known in the Israeli world of photography.

In a short interview with Israelife he says his plans for the future are still unknown, for life is full of surprises, but he hopes to continue capturing life through his lens.

You can visit Elad David's website and Facebook page.  Take a look at some of his creations: 






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