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One Israeli Creation for the Weekend

by Noga Gur-Arieh

April 12, 2013 | 1:05 pm

Pick. Picture taken from Wikipedia/Michal Kahana

Describing Svika Pick from miles away is almost impossible. Pick is simply a phenomenon you have to see to believe. His hair, his clothing, his attitude, his connection with the fans and his everlasting 70's facade- all make him a one of a kind Israeli persona. However, in his 40 year long career, Pick proved himself to be much more that a unique personality...

In the 70's, Pick broke into the Israeli music industry with pop-disco songs that made him a leading musician. During that decade, he earned several respected musical titles, such as "Israeli male singer of the year," and also played the role of Claude Bukowski in the Hebrew version of the hit musical Hair. In 1998, Pick wrote the melody for the song "Diva" which was performed by Dana International in the Eurovision song contest that year, and ranked Israel in the first place. Since then, Pick has composed songs for both Israeli and foreign singers to perform in the contest. In 2002, Israel's national theater, Habima, staged a musical called Mary Lou based on Pick's old hits. In 2009, a television series named Tamid Oto Halom (Forever, the same dream), which was based on Pick's songs, aired in Israel.

More than all of that, which is merely the tip of the iceberg, what really makes Pick the important Israeli that he is, is his music. Pick is a true virtuoso, composing music like no other. His various songs range from soft ballads to pumping disco songs, combining notes brilliantly into beautiful, fun, catchy music. I tend to call Pick "The Israeli Elton John," now you'll be the judges...

Ani Ohev Otach, Leah (I love you, Leah)



HaRakdan HaOtomati (The automatic dancer)- Svika Pick and Ruty Navon


A medley of Pick's "Gavriel" and "Yad BeYad" (Hand in Hand) from the television series Tamid Oto Halom


Mala, Mala (Higher and higher)- a song all about the elevated feeling we get from listening to music

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