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Israel and the world Pt. 9- weekly news from Israel

by Noga Gur-Arieh

June 24, 2012 | 1:27 pm

• Recently, the World Zionist Organization founded a special communication center, in order to fight worldwide anti-Semitism which spreads through the internet. The advanced communication center will track anti-Semitic expressions, video clips, articles and other propaganda that have become pretty common online lately. Then, the WZO will address the various publicists in request to remove the drastic expressions. So far, the WZO has recruited tenths of volunteers which speak several languages, to help tracking down the new age of Anti-Semitism.

• More than 1000 Israeli elders participated in the “Israeli Golden Olympics” which took place in a small town called Nordia, next to Netaniya. For two days, the athletic elders competed in various Olympic sports such as swimming, running, and triathlon along with more “easygoing” sports such as bowling and dancing.

• After an Algerian kayaker withdrew from a World Cup last month because of an Israeli participation, the International Olympic Committee decided they wish to prevent similar scenario during the Olympic games, and announced that refusing to compete against a fellow athlete because of nationality or religion would be a ” serious breach” of the Olympic code of ethics. The IOC also said that an athlete or a team unwilling to play in the ” spirit of friendship and fair play”, should “stay at home”.

• Last week, Professor Alean al-Krenawi, a resident of the Bedouin town Rahat, was officially appointed the new president of the Achva Academic College of Education. This is a double honor for Al-Krenawi, for this makes him the very first Bedouin president of an Israeli high-education academy.

• Apparently, Turkey and Israel can still cooperate: A special delegation of Turkish teachers visited Yad Vashem along with 370 educators from 53 different countries for the 8th International Conference for Holocaust Education. Turns out when it comes to education, all disagreements seem minor.

• Guma Aguiar, a Brazilian-born philanthropist who has donated millions of the fortune he amassed in the oil and gas industry to Israeli and Jewish causes, was announced missing last week, after his motorboat washed ashore in Fort Launder, Florida.  Aguiar is also known for being the main sponsor of the Israeli soccer team, Beitar- Jerusalem. The Coast Guard searched Aguiar for 70 hours from the sky and on the sea, and eventually decided to call off the searches. The investigation is still going.



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