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Israel and the world Pt. 16 - weekly news from Israel

by Noga Gur-Arieh

August 13, 2012 | 12:18 pm

*Apparently, even the other side of the globe has heard of our achievements, and wants some of that Israeli magic. University of International Business Economics, one of the largest universities in Beijing, China, will open a department for Israeli economics studies. There, the Chinese students will be able to learn about the history of Israeli economy, about our coveted High-Tech developments, our business culture, and more.  To add to that, the first class of Israeli Culture and Language graduated the University of Foreign Studies in Beijing. Seems to me like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

*Turns out Israel has a part in the latest space extravaganza: The Mars rover- Curiosity. Believe it or not, but NASA itself used a small refrigerator, which was developed and created at a factory in the Kibbutz Ein Harod. The small refrigerator has the very important role of protecting a radar on Curiosity, that must be kept in a temperature of -279.4 degrees.

*With all the attention to the Olympic games, an Israeli achievement in sports almost went unnoticed. But even if it’s been outside of London, it is still worth mentioning: Nadav and Aviv Ativ, brother and sister from Rehovot, are now the new champions of Water Skiing. Last week, Nadav won the gold medal at the world championship in Australia, and Aviv took first place in the European championship to the age of 19. 

*The American real estate Tycoon, Stan Hoffman, donated dozens of televisions, air-conditioners, fans and other electric appliances to lone soldiers in the IDF. Hoffman, a lone soldier himself, left his family and friends at the age of 19, and joined the IDF. He then continued living in Israel for 21 years, and then returned to the States and made his big fortune. Now, Hoffman’s son serves also in the IDF, and his daughter is also about to join. Hoffman himself decided to use his fortune for a good cause, and with his donations, helped lone soldiers, who are mostly Jews who made Aliyah by themselves.

*Jay and Lina Pedgog, tied the knot at the age of 80 after meeting in Florida. After getting remarried, something both widows never thought they’d do, the newlyweds decided to take another leap. Tomorrow, they will arrive in Israel with a special flight of the “Nefesh BeNefesh” organization, alongside 400 Americans who wish to make Aliyah.  Now, they are ready to start a new life here, as they plan to study Hebrew and tour their new home- Israel.

*Florence Waren, who danced for Nazis in Paris, while keeping her Judaism a secret, passed away at 95. In the 1940’s, while France was occupied by the Nazis, Waren helped the French resistance by hiding Jews in her apartment, and transporting guns, according to the New York Times. It was also said that she risked her life many times when helping Jews while trying to maintain her secret, safe identity.  After the war, Waren moved to New York, married producer and director Stanley Waren and started an acting career. Last month, she died at her Manhattan apartment at 95.

*Gadi Sahalo, 37, is an Israeli who made Aliyah from Ethiopia. Now, after completing a two month long course, he will become the first Ethiopian Israeli instructor for the high schools Journeys to Poland. In most places in Israel, 11th graders fly with their schools to Poland, for a trip back in time to world war 2 and the Holocaust. Sahalo, who lived in a concentration camp in Sudan for a year before arriving in Israel, will now guide them through the former concentration camps and death camps in Poland. 

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