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I just wanted to say: Thank You!

by Noga Gur-Arieh

November 22, 2012 | 10:00 am

In the past eight days- Israel was at war, but it wasn't a traditional war. This war was fought in two fronts: in the field and in social networks. Eight days ago, I turned to you and asked for your help in supporting Israel online. The media was tilted towards the other side, and there were few of us fighting against it. I asked you to share the truth, and spread pictures and videos exposing Hamas' lies and supporting Israel. It may sound a bit funny, but your simple clicks on "share" helped Israel like we never imagined. Very much unlike Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense was seemed legit in the public's eye, who understood Israel's right to defend itself. It wasn't a full support, as you probably saw for yourself. Some media channels still chose to present a non-balanced picture of the reality in Israel, and saw it as a war between a strong army (IDF) and poor, innocent people (Palestinians). Nonetheless, to every article as such, there were hundreds of comments supporting Israel and condemning the tone of the tilted story. Some of those comments came from youI.

I would like to dedicate this post to you: non- Israelis who believe in Israel. Thank you for believing in us and for trusting us to handle this operation the right way. Thank you for seeing us as what we really are- a state wanting to defend itself from terror attack, while trying to minimize civilian casualties. Thank you for sharing the truth and helping the world see what you and I see, and most of all- thank you for not giving up! Some of your comments were so moving, they brought me to tears, and I really can't express my appreciation enough. Once again- thank you!!! May we never again have the need to defend Israel, both online and offline.


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