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Honoring Bloomberg, welcoming the Pope, building an internet empire and more…This week from Israel

by Noga Gur-Arieh

May 26, 2014 | 8:20 am

Having a blast with tourists. An international pool party in Eilat.

A Holy visit

Pope Francis landed in Israel this Sunday, as part of his first visit to the Middle East. After visiting Bethlehem and Jerusalem, he invited the Israeli and Palestinian presidents to come to the Vatican to pray for peace. Both Abbas and Peres accepted the invitation, with the hope to repair the damages of the most recent round of "peace talks."

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Teva’s $1 billion plan

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, an Israeli company and the world’s biggest generic drugmaker, is launching three new products in 2014 with combined estimated peak sales of $1 billion.

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Breaking tourism records. Again.

A record-breaking 385,000 visitor entries were recorded in Israel in April 2014, 9% more than April 2013, 5% more than April 2012 and 12% more than April 2011, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. This continues the rise in tourism seen since the beginning of 2014, when 229,000 visitors entered Israel in January.

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Trying to succeed where our leaders failed

With the collapse of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, hundreds of thousands of young people across the Middle East are talking reconciliation online. This, through a Facebook group with 500,000 followers from around the region, which has backing from celebrities including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Sharon Stone.

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Meet Israel’s $100 million Internet Empire

Meet iBario - a web conglomerate that, over seven years, has grown to be one of the world’s biggest Internet marketing companies, building a top-tier downloading platform, shopping site, recipe site, Internet speed measuring site, question and answer information site and reaching one of Google’s biggest advertising partners.

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The Knesset, in English

Israeli Knesset re-launched its English-speaking website this week. The website, in its new format, gives English-speaking audiences in Israel and abroad, as well as parliaments, academic institutions and Jewish communities overseas, access to a wide variety of news items and parliamentary material related to the Israeli legislature.

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Late night legend and longtime comic Jay Leno landed in Israel on Tuesday ahead of the Genesis Prize awards in Jerusalem on May 22, which he hosted. Leno, who isn't Jewish, said he sees both sides of the conflict, but that he is "very pro-Jewish, very pro-Israeli."

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Honoring Mr. Bloomberg

Here to receive this Genesis Prize is billionaire business mogul, philanthropist and former three-term New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. He will donate his$1 million “Genesis Prize” to reward the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

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Strengthening the Israeli-Chinese relationship

Tel Aviv University and Beijing's Tsinghua University  - two top universities from Israel and China, announced that they are starting a $300 million research project focused on nanotechnologies. They will exchange graduate students and faculty members to work at a joint research center based at the two institutions.

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Around the Middle East in 18 days

Pat Farmer, an Australian ultra-marathon runner completed a 1,500-kilometer (900-mile) "Middle East Peace Run," which began on May 1, with a final stop in Jerusalem. The run also took him to Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank.

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