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Free HIV treatment for asylum seekers, the art of makeup, Israman and more…This week from Israel!

by Noga Gur-Arieh

January 26, 2014 | 11:55 am

A wounded Syrian couple received emergency treatment in Israel

As the blood continues to pour in the streets of Syria, Israel continues to provide treatment to wounded civilians.  Last week, Israel Defense Forces troops brought a wounded Syrian couple to Poriah Hospital near Tiberias. The couple, residents of the embattled town Daraa, arrived with gunshot wounds in their legs. The male is 27 years old and his wife is 23 and in the early stages of pregnancy.

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A very happy birthday celebration at the Dead Sea

Following her promise to celebrate each birthday in a different place in the world, Oma Ella celebrated her 104th birthday in a Dead Sea hotel this week in the presence of about 40 friends and family. Four years ago, Oma Ella decided to “live a little,” and celebrate her following birthdays around the world. So she celebrated her 100th birthday in the Vatican and subsequently in Monaco (101), Austria (102) and Munich (103).

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Starring on Top 10 app lists

Israel is known as “The Startup Nation,” and manages to maintain this title with every trend that passes. In fact, many apps one can find on various app -stores are colored in blue and white. Nowadays, there are almost 13,000 photo applications on iTunes, Google Play. If you look closely out of top 10, you’ll see that almost all originate in Israel. So what is it about “the Israeli mind” that can make the best out of every trend?

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An eye for makeup

Israeli artist Tal Peleg used her artistic skills to revamp the eye art discipline with eye-catching, colorful designs. Using her talent and creativity, she turned the mundane eye makeup into a colorful world of beautiful creations.

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Hacking their way into 8200

Serving in the IDF’s prestigious Unit 8200 — the army’s intelligence gathering unit – is a dream come true for many, and an entering ticket into the world of high-tech later on. To make sure only the most talented young people get their ticket in the world of IDF intelligence, the unit threw a special “hacking” contest for skilled 15 and 16 year olds from ten schools throughout the country. The students, who are part of Cybertech program, were required to build a boat (an automated program) designed to attack “enemy” servers, while defending their own servers from attack. Teams competed with each other within schools, and the winners of those contests were pitted against each other.

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Introducing Israman!

Ever heard of Israman? He is not a superhero with fictional special powers, but a real – life person with a superhero’s physical abilities. Around 1,300 athletes from 26 countries took part in the 10th edition of Israman Negev Eilat, including in Israel’s most challenging sporting event, the Ironman triathlon, which consists of a 3.8-kilometer swim, a 180-km bike ride and a full marathon of 42.2 km. The winner of the unbelievable contest was Petr Vabrousek of the Czech Republic, who finished the race in 9:55.30 hours.

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Israel and India launch another business cooperation

India and Israel have agreed to set up a $40 million fund to support joint technological ventures for consolidating and strengthening economic ties. Both the countries will be contributing $20 million each to the fund over a period of five years.

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Free HIV care for asylum seekers

With their status still undetermined, 150 asylum seekers received some good news. The Israeli Health Ministry agreed to cover the medical costs of 150 migrants who are HIV carriers or have full-blown AIDS. The migrants, who are not legal residents and don’t pay health taxes, were invited to go for treatment at the AIDS centers in the country’s public hospitals.

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The once- polluted Kishon river enjoys the return of sea birds

The Kishon River in northern Israel has gotten an environmental makeover in recent years. A series of projects, including plans to dredge the river to remove pollutants, has turned the once heavily polluted waterway into a natural oasis for both residents and wildlife. Now, it appears wildlife are already returning to the Kishon. In addition to a growing number of fish and turtles that have come back to the reclaimed water, sea birds have claimed the water’s edges as their home.

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