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Election Countdown- Why is Alon Kasher voting for Ha’Likud- Israel Beiteinu?

by Noga Gur-Arieh

January 15, 2013 | 10:20 am

On January 22nd, Israel will vote for its new Knesset, and choose the Prime Minister to lead it. Much unlike the American system, here, we have countless parties with countless ideologies to choose from. Behind the curtain, we will cast our ballot, and choose one party only. The person leading the party which will get the most votes, will become Israel's next Prime Minister. I asked some of my friends to tell me, and you, whom they are planning to vote for, and why. Some knew the answer right away, some are still struggling. Each day, I will post a different column with a different opinion. Take in count that this is merely a taste of all the parties competing for our votes. Today, Alon Kasher will explain his choice of voting Ha'Likud- Israel Beiteinu.

My vote goes to Ha'Likud- Israel Beiteinu/ Alon Kasher

When Israelis stand before elections, there are many factors to be taken in mind, because of the high number of parties competing for our vote.


There are dozens of parties. Some of them are traditional, some are new, and some are an amalgam of failing politicians who gathered to create something new. Sometimes I wish we were like the United States- two parties, and life is simple. However, in a way, a multiple number of parties is best for the variety of Israelis. There are so many sectors, so many opinions, that a variety of parties is needed.


But even though there are many choices, there is only one note to put in the envelope. Each one of us has a different subject or issue which we find the most critical: some will vote for the nominee which they believe will close their minus in the bank; some find it more important to put Israel's  Democratic identity before its Jewish one; some strive for a negotiation with the Palestinians (some of them believe it will silence their conscience which keeps reminding that this whole conflict might be our fault); some find the most important issue to be the struggle against the division of Jerusalem.

There are many other issues of such, and to my opinion, before choosing the party which represents a certain ideology, we must choose the party which we believe in the ability of the person leading it to be our Prime Minister. This person must be able to stand up to the pressure of the people of the world, which demand Israel to give up its right to defend itself.  This person must  be able to survive the world's financial crisis, and avoid making irresponsible decisions, which will lead us to bankruptcy, like the leaders of Spain and Greece. This person must put a continuous pressure on the world, to stop the modern Hitler from Iran from putting his hands on a nuclear bomb. This person must have the charisma, the education and the experience to stand for those basic goals, which all Israelis, both left and right wingers, share, no matter what their ideologies are. I also believe that the leader of the Jewish state must have the battlefield experience, because when we are surrounded by so many enemies who wish our destruction, voting for a party led by a journalist will do us no good.


If we take all this is mind, the decision we will put on the ballot is actually very simple. A closer examination will lead us to the realization that there is only one person which has all the qualities I just mentioned- our current Prime Minister, and the one leading Ha'Likud- Israel Beiteinu party- Binyamin Netanyahu! I trust him to make the right decision after a great consideration, and not based on an impulsive hunch. The other candidates are inexperienced and their lack of security and economical understanding could only take us down.

A Palestinian state- yes or no? Whichever decision that will be made, I know that Netanyahu will not withdraw one-sidedly like we did in Gaza. He will not divide Jerusalem and turn it into a second Berlin. He will not give up our holy places, our security settlements and most importantly- will not settle a new country instead of Israel, but only beside it!

Alon is a 23 -year- old Communications and Media student, living in Raanana.

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