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Election Countdown- Why does Tali Woolf have no idea who to vote for?

by Noga Gur-Arieh

January 21, 2013 | 10:21 am

On January 22nd, Israel will vote for its new Knesset, and choose the Prime Minister to lead it. Much unlike the American system, here, we have countless parties with countless ideologies to choose from. Behind the curtain, we will cast our ballot, and choose one party only. The person leading the party which will get the most votes, will become Israel's next Prime Minister. I asked some of my friends to tell me, and you, whom they are planning to vote for, and why. Some knew the answer right away, some are still struggling. Each day, I will post a different column with a different opinion. Take in count that this is merely a taste of all the parties competing for our votes. Today, Tali Woolf will explain why she as no idea who to vote for.

I don't know where my vote will go/Tali Woolf

The election is tomorrow, and I still don't know what I'm going to put in the envelope.Never before has it happened to me. I always knew whom I'm going to vote for.

Not this year.

I know who I don't want to see as prime minister no more.
I know whose way of leading this country I disapprove.
I know whose way was ever my way.
I know who makes me feel embarrassed to say "I'm an Israeli!".

Last elections I decided to vote for someone that came from the right side of the political map for the first time. I thought that voting for Tzipi Livni will bring a change. A realistic way of looking at the different situations in Israel. A fresh start. She won the elections, but couldn't gather most of the elected Knesset members, and assemble a coalition. So she disappeared.

Now she's back. Why should I waste my vote on her again?

Since I am a left-winger, I naturally should vote for  Ha'Avoda or Meretz. I did  it many times before, but this time, it's not that simple for me to do so…Itzhak Rabin was my ideal leader. Where can we find someone like him today?

Does Shelly Yachimovich, who is now leading the party he used to lead, walk in his path? No, not really.
I can identify with her messages, but will she deliver what she promises?

I'm not sure.

Meretz, which used to stand for what I believe in, faded in the past years. Can't hear their voice no more.
All that's left is a loud noise that the fanatic religious parties, and Netanyahu's and Liberman's followers make. 


Sadly enough, I know Netanyahu will win this election, so realistically I'll probably vote Ha'Avoda to strengthen the opposition.It's not easy for me to admit, but unfortunately, I have become indifferent. I will vote, I'll never pass this right I have, but in the day after the election, there will be nothing for me to do but sigh...

Tali is a 45 year old Naturopath, currently living in Raanana.

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