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Diplomacy is back in action, Pharell Williams is HAPPY with Israel and more…This week from Israel!

by Noga Gur-Arieh

April 7, 2014 | 8:39 am

Dancing in Tel Aviv to "Happy"/ Screen capture from YouTube

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is saved!

The 11-day Foreign Ministry strike that closed embassies abroad and prevented high-profile visits both to and from Israel ended on Wednesday evening as the Treasury and the ministry’s workers committee signed a labor agreement. This ends an over a year long dispute, and shows that the decision makers in Israel finally realized the importance of Israeli diplomacy.

Read more about the agreement here. Read more about the strike and the dispute here.


An Israeli mother’s idea turned into a life-changing invention

Israeli Debby Elnatan’s invention that gave her wheelchair-bound son the chance to walk has been launched on the world market to also help other children. A Northern Ireland company has turned Elnatan's idea for a walking harness into a product that could transform the lives of countless disabled children.

Read more here.


Ancient burial boxes unveiled

The Israeli Antiquities Authority unveiled 11 ancient burial boxes, which are about 2,000 years old. Some were engraved with designs and even names, giving clues to their origin and contents. The boxes contained bone fragments and remnants of what experts say is pottery buried with the deceased.

Read more here


Is this really Israel?!

Photographer Yehoshua Derovan captured Israel’s various sceneries in a way that will make your jaw drop!

Take a look at the beauty of Israel here


Duplicating the Tyrant’s palace

It took the 150 workers of a Dutch company 10 days to duplicate the most famous parts of Bashar Assad’s palace in the Israeli city of Kfar Saba, all for the upcoming shooting of the high profile drama, Tyrant. In two weeks, Hollywood actors will land here, and a $30 million production will begin. The series was developed by “Homeland” creators Howard Gordon and Israeli Gideon Raff, for the cable and satellite channel - FX. The actual palace of Syria’s president, in case you wonder, cost $1 billion to build.

Read more here


FIFA’s threat

After last week’s joyous mood due to the possibility of Israel’s participation in the World Cup, this week there was a change in atmosphere when FIFA has given Israel until the summer to improve travel and playing conditions for Palestinian soccer players, with the threat of expulsion as a member of soccer’s world governing body hanging ominously overhead. This, according to an exclusive report from a website called Inside World Football.

Well, FIFA, how about you take a closer look at the facts before making threats?! Negotiation is a process where ALL parts involved make sacrifices. Blaming one side for every failure while the other side makes more and more demands only pushes peace further away. Besides, sports, much like music, should not involve politics, but be used as a bridge between nations and cultures…

Read more here.


Pharrell Williams is HAPPY with TLV’s version of his award-winning single

American singer Pharrell Williams has paid special tribute to the Israelis who covered his award-winning single ‘Happy’. The Grammy-winning rapper and record producer chose the video tribute filmed in Tel Aviv, to be shown at the UN’s International Day of Happiness celebrations .

Read more here.  


A new regulation helps Israelis become smarter consumers

The requirement of food manufacturing companies and importers to list harmful trans fats on their labels has gone into effect this week. The Israeli regulations, issued on February 1 and taking effect on April 1, require the separate listing of trans fats, cholesterol and saturated fatty acids on packaged products from the level of 2 percent fat and over. Until now, the listing of any kind of fat was required only from 4.5% fat and above.

Read more here


An opera orogonally performed by children before being sent to death camps will be staged in Israel

An emotionally moving opera, which was performed by the children of Theresienstadt concentration camp before being sent to death camps, is now being staged in Israel, for the first time, by students of the Walworth Barbour American International School in Even Yehuda. The children performed the opera in front of a Red Cross delegation that arrived at the Nazi concentration camp to look into the conditions of its Jewish prisoners.

Read more here


TEDx kicks off in Israel

Israel is hosting another edition of TEDx, the international version of the US-based Conference on Technology, Entertainment, Design, where attendees get to hear some of the world’s greatest thinkers share their ideas and experiences. This year’s Israeli TEDx event kicked off last Wednesday at the Holon Institute of Technology (HiT.) Among the speakers is Dr. Ayelet Shavit, a senior lecturer at Tel Hai College, Professor Mel Rosenberg of Tel Aviv University who is a leading world expert on one of life’s “unmentionables” — bad breath and more…

Read more here. See future TEDx events in Israel here.


The Israeli representative in the Oculus project

One of the top technology engineers in Oculus, the virtual reality headset maker that was recently bought out by Facebook for $2 billion, is an Israeli, a graduate of Tel Aviv University.

Read more here.

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