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BDS fail, Jerusalem 200 years ago, new apps, Sochi and more…This week from Israel

by Noga Gur-Arieh

February 17, 2014 | 9:52 am

PayPal's Battle Hack Tel Aviv/ Avshalom Shoshani

Beyond belief

If you’ve ever been to Israel, I assume your heart missed a beat when you first encountered the unique Israeli atmosphere and beautiful sceneries.  The same thing happened Caitlin and Arthur on their Israeli trip. Watch their video, where they talk about their "beyond belief" experience visiting Israel.


Sochi – not much of a disappointment

Although our athletes did not bring home any Olympic medals, the achievements of the Israeli team were beyond expectations, with Vladislav Bykanov finishing the Short Track in fourth place and  Andrea Davidovich & Evgeni Krasnopolsky coming in 15 at the Pair Skating competition.

Watch their results here



The Israel- Jamaica cooperation

Israel is working together with an economically struggling Jamaica improve their economy. Nowadays, the Israeli government is helping Jamaica to forge a path to the planned logistics hub that represents one of the government's primary hopes of stimulating economic recovery. As part of the working process, Jamaicans will be invited to Israel to be trained while the hub is being constructed.

Read more here



Boycott? Divestment? Sanctions?

Turns out there’s another big, massive BDS fail! False accusations and vain threats, as it turns out, have no effect on the tourists who came to enjoy all that Israel has to offer last month. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, some 229,000 visitors entered Israel in January 2014, which is a 6% increase from January 2013.

Read more here


See how Jerusalem looked like in the 19th century

Few places in the world are as documented and as disputed as Jerusalem – but two weeks ago, a new perspective of the city was made public when the Smithsonian website published the earliest photos ever taken of the Holy City.

See some of the photos here



Take a Bob Dylan-style tour in Israel

After its recent coup as the first and only company commissioned by Bob Dylan to make a music video of his most famous song, Israeli start-up Interlude is putting its interactive video platform to work for the Israel Ministry of Tourism. A new interactive video by the Ministry presents potential visitors to Israel with a full range of Israel tour experiences, all in a five minute video.

Read more here



Creating new economic ties in the Far East

Recent boycott threats from Europe pushed the Israeli government into creating new partnerships around the world. Last week, Israel was accepted as an observer in the Latin American free trade bloc, the Pacific Alliance. In a celebratory statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the move would diversify Israel’s commercial relations. He also plans to visit alliance members Mexico and Columbia in the coming months to promote ties. Alongside the Pacific Alliance, the government is also focusing on developing relations with China and India, dispatching ministers and trade delegations.

Read more here



Reinventing the wheel

A new Israeli startup has developed a new type of wheel, aiming to provide its users, be they on wheelchairs, bicycles or jumbo jets, with a much more comfortable ride. With a goal of remaining “smart and stylish,” the wheel is especially shock-absorbent and capable of dampening the blows felt from obstacles and bumps in the road, replacing the complex suspension systems found today in most vehicles, according to the company.

Read more here



The Israeli app that will solve our mobile phone addiction

Israeli app Socializr, aimed at helping people socialize in the REAL world instead of the virtual one, is the winner of PayPal's Battle Hack Tel Aviv, which took place last weekend. The Israeli team members Shai Mishali, Pavel Kaminsky and Rotem Tsabary will fly to the world finals in San Jose go head-to-head with teams from San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, Toronto, Istanbul, Boston, Warsaw, Chicago, London and Moscow for the grand prize of $100,000.

The app Socializr is aimed at helping people stay away from their mobile phones with a gamification effect. A user can challenge his/her friends to not checking their mobile phones for longer than 5 seconds on a given time period. The developers noted that we are now more attached to our mobile phones than ever before, even when we are engaging with people in the “real  world.” That is why they developed Socializr: a social game of keeping the mobile phone away. The user participating in the game bet on a small amount of money via PayPal, when these funds are being donated to a local charity on behalf of the winner.

Learn more here: 

The Israel bunny who shoots hoops

Have you heard of Bini the Bunny yet? Bini the Israeli bunny has long been a viral sensation, taking his place as an animal magician among the most world's popular cats and dogs. He first appeared on the scene back in 2013, and now he has a new video, cementing his status as the most talented basketball rabbit on the planet.

Watch here

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