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A short guidebook to all celebrities posting about the Israel-Gaza situation

by Noga Gur-Arieh

July 28, 2014 | 8:20 am

"Your power to change the world is wonderful, but also destructive, which is why you must have the responsibility to think twice before posting."

Dear celebrities,

You are people of high power. Having millions of fans and followers grants you the power to change the world with just 140 typed notes. You have more power than any political leader, as people devour your status updates, ready to follow your lead without asking any questions. This power is wonderful, but also destructive, which is why you must have the responsibility to think twice before posting.

This saying applies to all times, but especially times like this, when there is a country fighting for its safety and legitimacy, and when criticism of policy turns fast into hatred for a religion. When you post something, you can’t take it back. Even if you delete it 10 minutes later, millions of people have already seen it, and, being your fans, they also believe it’s an unquestionable truth. Because of that, I ask you, honorable celebrities:

Don’t write that Israel bombed a hospital with the purpose of killing innocent people when there’s a video of the phone call an Israeli representative made to the hospital before attacking the terror cell operating from within it, to make sure all civilians evacuated from there.


Don’t call people to #FreeGaza from Israel’s “occupation,” without understanding that those who truly hold them captive are their current leaders, living life of luxury while their people live in poverty. With the Israeli army treating Gazans in Israeli hospitals and importing humanitarian aid and goods into the Gaza Strip, while Hamas leaders spend all of the people’s money on private jets instead of shelters and proper way of life – it is recommended to take a minute and think from whom should the Gazans be saved.  

Don’t post pictures of bombed cities, bloody streets or smashed/abused bodies of dead civilians that were taken in Syria, Iran or Iraq, and present them as acts of horror being done to the people of Gaza by the Israeli army.


Still feel you must share your criticism about the Israeli government? By all means, we all have criticism of various governments. Just make sure to check your facts, to open yourselves enough to see the big picture, and to object our basic quality as people of being shortsighted. Seeing the world in black and white is the simple way to go, but think of the damage you’re doing to us, the people of Israel, who also want the innocent citizens of Gaza to live their lives happily, but can’t live at all with rockets being launched at our homes every day. Please make sure you do all of that, because you are influential celebrities, but also because you are human beings. The damage you do is irreversible.

The next time you’re about to post anything about the situation in Israel, please take all of the above into consideration, and also – here are a few extra questions I will appreciate you asking yourselves:

- What motive does Israel, as a western, democratic country, has to kill innocent people? Taking into consideration the humanitarian perspective as well as everything Israel has to lose in the international relations field.

- Why would Israel aim to hurt civilians just to provide them with medical treatment and humanitarian aid?

- How come the leaders of Hamas spend their time in luxurious hotel rooms and flying their private jets while their people are at war, instead of spending the millions of dollars given to them by the U.S and other countries and organizations worldwide to provide their people with protection and a better way of living?  The only reason Gaza’s death-toll is higher than Israel’s is the fact Israel spend millions of dollars on high-edge life-saving protective technology.

- How come the majority of the Israeli people, including Israeli leaders, don’t celebrate the deaths of Gazans, while Hamas leaders and the majority of pro-Palestinians celebrate the deaths of Israelis?



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