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A new leading woman, American Football, a life changing device and more…This week from Israel!

by Noga Gur-Arieh

November 18, 2013 | 12:07 pm

Jews, Israel and diaspora at the JFNAGA

This past week, the Jewish Federations of North America’s annual General Assembly (JFNAGA( took place right here, in Jerusalem. Distinguished guests from all around the world participated in the big event, where they discussed the changing nature of the American-Jewish community within the context of Israel-Diaspora relations. Between one panel to another, the participants were introduced to various pro-Israel organizations such as StandWithUs and the World Zionist Organization, and also enjoyed the company of one another.

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The new Jewish import to Israeli football

Avraham Dov Rosenblum, a 6’2”, 200 pounds, 20-year-old, dark-skinned African American, is definitely not the most common-looking person in Israel. The Jewish football player is the new addition to the Ramat Hasharon Hammers, an Israeli football team. He moved here from Albany, California to join the semi-pro Israel Football League.

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Is going to the see the Doctor not a favorite activity of yours?

An Israeli company came up with a way for us to avoid these uncomfortable visits. A new device, invented in Israel, can perform an almost complete checkup of your body, and send the results to the doctor, who will be able to make a prognosis without meeting the patient. The device, named Tyto, is planned to be marketed next year, and its price tag will be approximately $200.

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Israeli rescue teams in the Philippines

The IDF, Foreign Ministry and Israeli and Jewish humanitarian organizations workers boarded on the first plane to the Philippines to provide rescue, medical care and relief efforts in the wake of super-typhoon Haiyan. The IDF delegation departed on a humanitarian mission to the Philippines Wednesday morning to provide aid to the storm-ravaged city of Tacloban. The 148-member group was tasked with rapidly setting up a “multi-department medical facility” to provide medical care for the casualties of the disaster in Tacloban.

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The things Google should thank Israel for…

The technology giant that had taken over on almost every aspect of our lives got Israel to thank to for many of its developments. With two major R&D facilities, Google Israel has been behind many important innovations for the company – including the technology behind Google products like Search Live Results, Person Finder, Google Suggest, YouTube Annotations, and more.

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Israelis will not be fooled

Two British comedians, Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowes, attempted to carry out a prank at the Israeli Embassy in London, Britain, and failed. The duo, who have been filming a season of the BBC Three series, "The Revolution Will Be Televised,” were tricking different people using a candid camera. While filming, they managed to fool people such as PM David Cameron and also succeeded in entering the International Criminal Court in the Hague and putting up wanted posters for Tony Blair and George Bush. But when they attempted to get past armed police at the embassy gates by posing as building surveyors who had arrived to plan a conservatory,  they soon found out the joke was on them…

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Start Tel-Aviv

Second only to Silicon Valley in startup magnitude, Tel Aviv recently welcomed CEOs of 12 European, Asian and South American startups to experience the entrepreneurial ecosystem for themselves. Take a look at Start Tel-Aviv

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What did 600 Israelis do in Jordan?

On Wednesday, Uruguay’s soccer team arrived in Jordan for an intercontinental playoff match of the 2014 World Cup. Uruguay crushed Jordan in an amazing 5-0 score, but the real news here is the Israeli fans at the stadium, who came cheering for Uruguay.

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Israel’s new leading lady

After spending long weeks trying to find the right person to fill in the role of the Bank of Israel Governor, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of Finance Yair Lapid found the light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Karnit Flug was not the two’s favorite candidate, but they soon discovered she was, by far, the most qualified to replace former governor, Stanley Fischer. Last Wednesday she was sworn in as the Bank of Israel’s first female governor at a ceremony at the President’s Residence.

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The worldwide response to the Israeli tragedy

This week’s most shocking headline in Israel was of the young soldier who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist. The 18 year-old Eden Atias, a Private in the IDF, enjoyed a long-awaited nap while riding the bus, and suddenly, he ceased from existing. He was brutally murdered by a terrorist who, due to the democratic law in Israel, was only arrested, and not executed, by the policemen who arrived at the scene. This story was the big headline of the week, and appeared on every single Israeli news website, but when it comes to leading news websites abroad, this story is not of high importance and is therefore barely noticeable. The question is: why?

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