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It may be surprising to learn that a major culinary revolution is taking place in a country so frequently associated with political drama. In just 30 years, Israel has gone from having no fine food to call its own to a cuisine that is world-renowned. The Search for Israeli Cuisine is a national PBS documentary being made about this culinary revolution, and the inspiring people behind it.

The film is in the editing stage and will be completed by late fall. It was shot at more than 100 locations all over Israel by award-winning filmmaker Roger Sherman in November 2013 with Israeli-born American chef Mike Solomonov, owner of the highly-acclaimed restaurant Zahav in Philadelphia. With Solomonov as a guide, viewers will encounter passionate Israelis in every region. They'll experience world-class wine, cheese, olive oil, the food of cutting-edge chefs and inspired home cooks. In the unforgiving Negev desert audiences will discover the future of agriculture for the world: from a high-tech goat farm to growers using saltwater to yield extra-sweet vegetables.

The Search for Israeli Cuisine will surprise and inform viewers, bringing a new face to Israel. Please help us make this film happen and show the world who the Israeli people really are! For news and updates about the film and to share your experiences with Israeli Cuisine follow The Search for Israeli Cuisine on Facebook.


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