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For business or pleasure, hotels rolling out red carpets

by Steve Walz, Contributing Writer

September 13, 2011 | 7:23 pm

Executive Lounge at the David Citadel Hotel

The emergence of Israel on the global high-tech stage as a “start-up nation,” combined with the growing number of international business and Jewish organizational events held in... read full article

  • Summertime Perks for Parents and Kids

    by Steve Walz, Contributing Writer

    June 8, 2011 | 7:57 am

    What if you were able to check in at a top Israeli hotel this summer, wave goodbye to the kids at the front desk and then, minutes later, find yourself nursing a fruity Mediterranean cocktail by the sun-kissed pool?

    A mirage? Nope, it’s the real deal!

    A large number of quality...

  • L.A. Synagogues to Take Part in Federation Israel Trip

    by Ryan E. Smith, Contributing Writer

    June 8, 2011 | 7:20 am

    There are as many reasons to visit Israel as there are people who make the trip. Some want to establish a deeper connection with an ancient homeland; others are excited to explore a unique modern nation.

    As part of a massive trip this fall that is being coordinated by The Jewish...

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