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  • Israel Film Fest to fete Martin Landau

    By Pat Sierchio

    April 10, 2013 | 2:13 pm

    When he was barely out of his teens, Martin Landau was already a successful cartoonist working for the New York Daily News. In fact, the young artist was being groomed by the paper as its next theatrical caricaturist. Landau knew that if he got the job, he would never give it up. 

  • Family-focused stories at forefront of Israel Film Fest

    By Tom Tugend

    March 1, 2012 | 12:57 pm

    It’s springtime in Los Angeles, which means raising the curtain on the 26th Israel Film Festival, this year displaying a colorful palette of more than 30 feature movies, documentaries, TV shows and student shorts.

    The March 15 opening-night venue is the main theater on the...

  • Israeli Films Ponder Human Cost of Bombings

    By Tom Tugend

    June 3, 2009 | 3:50 pm

    Suicide bombings in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are daunting topics, even for risk-taking young Israeli directors, but two feature movies on the subject screening at the Israel Film Festival are remarkable for their unexpected sensitivity and humanity.

    Although each picture was made...

  • Israel, Seen by the Ethiopian Eye

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    May 27, 2009 | 5:35 pm

    Shmuel Beru was around 12 years old in 1989 when Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” stunned audiences with its provocative story of racial conflict between African and Italian Americans in New York.

    Five years earlier, Beru had made the perilous journey from his native...

  • Israeli Films, TV Shows Get the Spotlight

    By Naomi Pfefferman

    May 27, 2009 | 5:30 pm

    Less than a month after Israeli filmmakers proved a strong presence at the Cannes Film Festival, the 24th Israel Film Festival will play in Los Angeles June 3-18, with a lineup showing how Israeli cinema has recently emerged as a contender on the global scene. The more than 30 films...

  • Documentaries Explore Mysteries of Fate

    By Orit Arfa

    May 27, 2009 | 5:22 pm

    Two documentaries, two mysteries: the life and death of a family of Holocaust survivors attempting to rebuild their lives in an Israel ravaged by war; the other reveals the life and death of a Greek musician attempting to build his career as a pop star in Israel, seeking normalcy...

  • War and Girls Test Brothers’ Family Loyalty

    By Tom Tugend

    May 27, 2009 | 5:18 pm

    “Lost Islands,” which will kick off the Israel Film Festival at its June 3 opening gala, begins with Avraham Levi demonstrating his concept of family loyalty to his wife and five sons.

    “The individual is like a finger,” he explains, holding up one finger, “and can be...

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