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A Mideast Bond, Stitched of Pain and Healing

Angela Elizarov taught her son, Orel, the alphabet this month. Orel, 8, lost half his brain in a Hamas missile strike in Beersheba.

By ETHAN BRONNER, New York Times

Posted on Dec. 31, 2009 at 3:16 pm

From NYTimes.com:

He can be impulsive. She has a touch of bossiness. Next-door neighbors for nearly a year, they talk, watch television and explore the world together, wandering into each other’s homes without a second thought. She likes his mother’s eggplant dish. He likes her father’s rice and lamb.

Marya, a Palestinian, and Orel, an Israeli, are 8-year-old neighbors at Jerusalem’s Alyn Hospital.

Friendship often starts with proximity, but Orel and Marya, both 8, have been thrust together in a way few elsewhere have. Their playground is a hospital corridor. He is an Israeli Jew severely wounded by a Hamas rocket. She is a Palestinian Muslim from Gaza paralyzed by an Israeli missile. Someone forgot to tell them that they are enemies.

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