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Israel: Lebanon turning blind eye to Hezbollah arms


October 13, 2009 | 6:21 pm

Israel accused the Lebanese army on Tuesday of turning a blind eye to the rebuilding by Hezbollah of its military infrastructure, one day after an official in the Shi’ite militant group reportedly died in a blast at one of its arms caches in south Lebanon.

The Israeli ambassador to the world body, Gabriela Shalev, made the accusation in a formal complaint she passed on to the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, and to the president of the Security Council.

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  • Human Rights Council to reopen Goldstone report debate


    October 13, 2009 | 2:40 pm

    The U.N. Human Rights Council will reopen the debate on the Goldstone report in a special session.

    The debate in Geneva is set for Thursday, the day...

  • Fatah memo: Obama Caving to Zionist Pressure


    October 13, 2009 | 11:27 am

    An internal document circulated among members of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ political party says all hopes placed in the Obama administration “have evaporated” because of alleged White House backtracking on key issues to the Palestinians.

    The Fatah Party memorandum, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, accuses the United States of backing off from its demands that Israel freeze settlement construction and failing to set a clear agenda for new Mideast peace talks.

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  • Livni urges Turkey to combat terror


    October 13, 2009 | 11:23 am

    Tzipi Livni urged Turkey to join moderate elements in the Middle East in the war on terror.

    In an interview broadcast Monday on Turkish state television,...

  • ‘Lebanon,’ latest film to explore Israel’s Vietnam

    By Dina Kraft, JTA

    October 12, 2009 | 6:12 pm

    From the depths of an Israeli soldier turned middle-aged filmmaker’s haunted memories, the new award-winning movie “Lebanon” consists mainly of scenes...

  • Obama’s Nobel Prize, Israel’s problem?

    By Leslie Susser, JTA

    October 12, 2009 | 5:16 pm

    Although warm and effusive in their congratulations, Israeli officials fear President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize could limit his options on Iran.


  • Senior Hezbollah official killed in Lebanon blast


    October 12, 2009 | 5:09 pm

    A senior official of the Hezbollah militant group was killed on Monday evening when an explosion rocked a house apparently serving as a munitions bunker in south Lebanon.

    Hezbollah denied that the house was being used as an arms depot and said that the munitions that caused the blast had belonged to the Israel Defense Forces and were left over from the 2006 Second Lebanon War.

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  • No breakthroughs in Netanyahu, Mitchell meetings


    October 12, 2009 | 4:20 pm

    George Mitchell and Benjamin Netanyahu met for the second time over the weekend, but did not announce any breakthroughs.

    The U.S. envoy to the Middle...

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