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Hezbollah: We don’t want war with Israel but do not fear it

by Tom Perry and Laila Bassam, Reuters

19 hours ago

Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters during a rare public appearance at an Ashoura ceremony in Beirut's southern suburbs November 3, 2014. Photo credit, Khalil Hassan/Reuters

The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah said on Friday his group did not want war with Israel but was ready for one, and reserved the right to respond to Israeli attacks any time, anywhere.

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  • Rahat’s week from Hell

    By Simone Wilson

    2 days ago

    Mayor Talal Al Krenawi was tired. He’d been in and out of media interviews, meetings, mourning circles and angry phone calls for days. His limbs hurt; his lungs hurt. “I’m still feeling the effects of the gas,” he said, speaking from behind his desk in a worn municipal building at...

  • Everything you thought you knew about religious Zionists is wrong

    by Ben Sales

    2 days ago

    For years, Israelis have had a particular idea of what being a “religious Zionist” meant: being modern Orthodox but not haredi; supporting the settlements and opposing territorial compromise; supporting the Chief Rabbinate’s control of Jewish marriage and opposing gay rights.

  • Israel, Hezbollah signal their flare-up is over

    by Dan Williams and Laila Bassam, Reuters

    2 days ago

    Israel and Hezbollah signaled on Thursday their rare flare-up in fighting across the Israel-Lebanon border was over, after the Lebanese guerrillas killed two Israeli troops in retaliation for a deadly air strike in Syria last week.

    Israel said it had received a message from...

  • Prehistoric skull a key ‘piece of the puzzle’ in story of humanity

    by Will Dunham, Reuters

    3 days ago

    A partial skull retrieved from a cave in northern Israel is shedding light on a pivotal juncture in early human history when our species was trekking out of Africa to populate other parts of the world and encountered our close cousins the Neanderthals.

    Scientists said on...

  • Israeli army searches for Hezbollah tunnels near Lebanese border

    by Maayan Lubell, Reuters

    3 days ago

    The Israeli military began searching on Wednesday for tunnels that Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas may have dug, responding to concerns from residents of a small nearby village in northern Israel, a military source said.

    Israel's vulnerability to cross-border tunnels was exposed...

  • Israel tells U.N. will defend itself against Hezbollah

    by Louis Charbonneau and Michelle Nichols, Reuters

    3 days ago

    Israel told the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday it will take all necessary measures to defend itself after an exchange of fire between Hezbollah militants and Israel that has raised the threat of a full-blown conflict.

    "Israel will not stand by as Hezbollah targets Israelis,"...

  • Two soldiers dead, seven wounded as Hezbollah hits Israeli tank

    by Jeffrey Heller and Sylvia Westall, Reuters

    3 days ago

    Two Israeli soldiers and a Spanish peacekeeper were killed on Wednesday in an exchange of fire between Hezbollah and Israel that has raised the threat of a full-blown conflict between the militant Islamist group and Israel.

    In the biggest escalation since a 2006 war, the soldiers...

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