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January 16, 2009

Iran’s Jews forced to join Iran’s pro-Hamas propaganda



Iranian Jewish school boys hold placards during a sham protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza, in front of the U.N. office in Tehran on December 30, 2008

Late last month as the current Gaza war between Israel and the Iranian-back Hamas terrorist group erupted, I was disgusted to find countless news media outlets including the Israel-based Jerusalem Post (JPOST) running ridiculous stories that were obviously put out by the Iranian government’s propaganda ministry about how the Jews of Iran were protesting against Israel’s ” aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza”. It not only disgusts me that Iran’s regime headed by its religious Islamic fanatics have yet again decided to parade the Jews of that country out and force them participate in sham protests against Israel, but its also shameful to see the Jerusalem Post and other news media actually helping the Iranian government spread their garbage propaganda!

The Iranian government is always quick to pull out the Jewish member of Iran’s Parliament to show that Iran’s Jew have “fair representation”. Yet what the mainstream media does not realize are that comments made by any Jewish leaders in Iran or Jews in Iran to the Western media lack credibility since these Jews have been hand picked by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry to parrot what the regime tells them to say. Whenever any journalist goes to Iran to talk to the Jews, they are handed over to hand picked Jews who have been given a script to read from. The Iranian regime, much like the Nazi government, loves to parade Jews in front of the international news cameras to attack Israel in anyway possible because they know these news outlets will carry stories about Jews “condemning Israel”. Anyone in the right mind who actually believes that the Jews of Iran hate Israel is foolish. Jews along with other religious minorities in Iran live in constant fear for their lives because the Iranian government by law treats them as second class citizens who have few rights than the Muslim majority and can be immediately punished for a whole host of “crimes” the regime can conjure up. The only reason Jews in Iran even participated in the sham protests against Israel during the past two weeks was because members of Iran’s secret police threaten their lives if they do not do what these radical Islamic thugs dictate to them! This time around the Iranian regime has Dr. Ciamak Morsadegh, the Jewish member of the Iranian parliment spouting out “anti-Israel” statements to the international news media and on Iranian broadcast news to keep the Iranian regime’s dictators happy. Those who understand Persian can view the video of Morsadegh’s ridiculous Israel condemnation speech in front of the Iranian parliament here:

One would think that the JPOST and other western news media outlets would by now after so many years, totally ignore such “Israel condemnation protests” made by Jewish leaders living in Iran. But some foolish JPOST editor again decided to run this story which is not only false public relations statements but not reflective of the true feeling Iranian Jews in general have for the State of Israel. Why the hell an Israeli publication decides to advance the propaganda of Iran’s regime is beyond my comprehension—I just wish someone at that publication would wake up and refrain from putting out these ridiculous stories about Iran’s Jews which are obviously untrue and only serve to advance the Iranian regime’s pro-Hamas agenda. While the Jews living in Iran may not be able to express or display their support for the Jewish homeland of Israel, they have always had a special place in their hearts for the land of Israel. The plan truth is that Iranian Jews are among one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world whom since the destruction of the first Temple in Jerusalem thousands of years ago have always yearned to return to their homeland. Likewise Jews living in Iran have encountered centuries of mass killings, forced conversions, rapes, tortures, pogroms and other violence from the country’s Muslim majority. After having faced such painful times in Iran, there’s no doubt Iranian Jews would be supportive of their own true homeland that would fight to protect their security.

For a few years I have been monitoring and writing about the Iranian government’s use of Iranian Jews for their own disgusting propaganda purposes which can be found here and here.

And for you curious folks who do not believe that Iran’s regime has used the country’s Jews for propaganda purposes, the following is an abbreviated list of their past P.R. stunts:

Producing and broadcasting “Zero Degree Turn” a television series on Iranian state-run network which accepts the existence of the Holocaust and shows an Iranian-Palestinian man saving a Jewish woman’s life in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. Despite the show’s efforts to show that Iran is supposedly tolerant of the Holocaust, it is full of inaccuracies and attacks “Zionists”.

Announcing that the Iranian government supposedly “loves the Jews” by publicizing the Iranian regime’s plans earlier to build a new 73,000 square foot cultural and sports complex for the Jewish community in central Tehran.

Putting out press releases and sending their lackeys in the Western media to say that Ahmadinejad’s comments about Israel being wiped off the map were “incorrectly translated”. What a bunch of horse manure! We all know very well what Ahmadinejad said and what he meant, there’s no way to back track on it.

Sending out press releases that Iran’s Jews condemn Ahmadinejad’s mistreatment at Columbia University last year. Here’s an example of one such press release:

Sending out press releases that Iran’s Jews will be participate in al-Quds Day, an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan to voice support for the Palestinian people. Here’s an example of one such press release:


Iranian Muslim protesters in Iran claiming that they “love the Jews”.

Iran’s Jewish member of parliament Dr. Ciamak Morsadegh

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