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October 20, 2013

High exeuction rates continue on Rouhani’s watch…how moderate is he?



I continued to be amazed and baffled at how Americans and Europeans still believe that Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani is supposedly “moderate” and wants to supposedly implement new changes of freedom in Iran. As the popular saying goes “the proof is in the pudding” and Rouhani’s pudding since becoming president of Iran in August has been the same business as usual policy of horrendous human rights abuses that the Iranian regime has been notorious for years. This man is NO MODERATE! He is merely a smiling and softly speaking cleric who claims to be “nicer and friendlier to everyone” but in reality supports the same shameful repression of basic freedoms and human rights against the people of Iran that all of predecessors and clerics of the Iranian regime supported.

According to the latest reports released by the U.S. based “Iran Human Rights Documentation Center” (IHRDC) at least 125 executions have taken place in Iran since Rouhani became president of Iran in August with most of the people executed for supposed petty “drug offenses” and sham “security crimes”. Likewise the IHRDC reported that between September 11th and September 25th at least 50 people were executed in Iran alone and a total of 560 people were executed in all of Iran so far this year. Now I would like someone to explain to me what kind of leader is a supposed “moderate” when he allows any executions to take place for crimes of drug offenses?! Where is Rouhani’s benevolence towards human rights, freedom and equality which he repeatedly kept preaching to U.S. media outlets during his many interviews? It is downright shameful how western news media outlets and journalists failed to call Rouhani out on this horrible human rights record of his regime during his recent visits to the U.S.!

Now the Iranian regime’s leadership and other shameful apologists for the Iran regime will claim that Rouhani is a member of executive branch of government in Iran and has no control over the judiciary that carries out the law. Or these apologists or Iranian regime stooges will claim that the U.S. also carries out the death penalty for certain criminals and it only fair that Iran be able to do so as well. Both of these arguments are majorly flawed because Rouhani as the supposed leader of a country that claims to be democratic show have some control or even influence on what the security apparatus in Iran is doing and if he does not, then he not a true president but a mere puppet of Iran’s Supreme leader! Next, while the U.S. does have the death penalty, typically individuals who have carried our heinous crimes of murder and mass killings are tried on death penalty cases. Likewise every person in the U.S. under the U.S. Constitution is given proper representation by an attorney, allowed a fair trial and allowed multiple appeals with numerous courts before being executed. To the contrary, in Iran individuals are randomly arrested on minor charges of “drug use” or trumped up “security crimes against the state”, they are usually beaten to near death in order for the regime to extract false confessions from them and usually hug in public by construction cranes. Moreover the rate of executions for any crimes in Iran is ridiculously high as opposed to any other country in the world. Therefore those who claim Rouhani is not responsible in some way for these unjust executions is living in a fantasy fairytale land of make-believe!

Lastly the truly depraved nature of Iran’s totalitarian radical Islamic regime showed itself last week following news that an Iranian man who had survived a botched hanging in Iran has been ordered to be re-executed by hanging him again! The 37-year-old man who somehow survived the hanging was ordered by the Iranian courts to be given full medical treatment that he could be in perfect health and experience a second hanging for his crime of possessing illegal methamphetamine drugs. What I’d like to know is where was the “moderate” Rouhani when news of this man’s botched execution and re-execution orders came out? Why hasn’t the “moderate” Rouhani or any of the other “moderates” in his government called for this man to be pardoned, especially since he did not commit a violent crime? The truth of the matter is that Rouhani was never a “moderate”, but just as brutal and supportive of the tyrannical nature of the Iranian regime. If this is the way these “ moderate leaders” of Iran treat their own people, I pray we never see what they would do to the world with nuclear weapons in their hands.

We as Americans need to wake up and face the sad reality that Rouhani is NOT and will NEVER be a moderate. Likewise we need to urge our elected officials in Congress and in the White House not to be fooled by the empty rhetoric of Rouhani and realize that they are dealing with a truly evil man who is a part of an even more evil regime in Iran.


(left to right; Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, both radical fundamentalist Islamic clerics)

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