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January 7, 2009

Go protest Iran’s regime…it’s the real culprit behind the Gaza war



Iran's current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, a main force behind support for Hamas

During the past week and several days I have read of reports of thousands of people protesting in the Middle East and elsewhere worldwide against Israel’s efforts to defend itself against Hamas terrorists in Gaza that have been launching rockets into civilian populations living in southern Israel. Not only have these thousands of protesters gone mad but many world leaders have wrongly been pointing the finger of blame at Israel. Not a single government worldwide nor news media outlet has had the guts to point to the real source of death and destruction in the Gaza conflict which is Iran’s current fundamentalist Islamic regime!

For years Iran’s regime has been providing millions of their petrodollars to Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups to act as their proxies and attack Israel by means of terrorism. The ayatollahs who head Iran’s government have encouraged and funded Hamas to launch its heinous war of destruction against Israel with Palestinian blood. Iran’s regime not only provided Hamas with the training and funding to wage this war of terror against Israel, but it has provided the terror group with sophisticated rockets that have killed innocent civilians in Southern Israel. As a result the current conflict being fought between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is in reality an indirect war Iran has launched against Israel. The ayatollahs in Iran seem to think that innocent Palestinian lives are not important and have directed Hamas to hide their personnel amongst the civilian population, to brainwash people to blow themselves up, to hide their rockets near schools and hospitals. Ultimately the ayatollahs in Tehran believe Palestinians can be sacrificed to achieve the Iranian government’s “overall goal of destroying” the Jewish state. Where is the Arab world’s outrage against Iran for funding and supporting Hamas’s terror campaign against innocent Israeli civilians that sparked this conflict? Where is the international community’s outrage at Iran’s government for giving Hamas the financial support and rockets that started this damn conflict? Why don’t the thousands of protesters march outside the Iranian embassies worldwide and demand the regime stop funding terror groups that bring destruction and unnecessary death to the poor Palestinian people? More importantly why don’t the human rights groups protest the Iranian regime’s current policy of funding as well as training Hamas homicide bombers and those in Hamas launching rockets against Israelis that did not provoke this conflict in the first place?! The real blame belongs to Iran’s current government and the international community needs to set up and pressure that regime to stop fueling the fires of destruction in Gaza.

Shutting off Hamas’s terror operations is not only a military endeavor that the Israeli government must undertake to defend its population, but the terror group must also be dismantled by cutting off its financial lifeline coming from Tehran. The reality which many in the international media and world governments do not realize, is that Iran’s regime does not give a damn about human life period! The leaders of the Iranian government follow a radical form of Islam that believes in destroying the “non-believers” such as Jews, Christians, Bahais, and even Sunni Muslims who do not agree with their religious dogma—and if hundreds of their own brethren get killed in the process, then so be it. The poor Palestinian people deserve better lives than the death and destruction Hamas and Iran’s government has brought upon them since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip. They deserve lives of peace and prosperity, but they will never achieve this as long as Iran through its proxy Hamas has plunged them into a hell on earth.

On an even more sad note the poor people of Iran, who by in large abhor their government, are suffering the most at the hands of the religious clerics that run their country. Average Iranian citizens live below the poverty line and have no means of supporting their families while the idiotic Iranian regime gives away billions of dollars in oil revenues to terrorist groups like Hamas instead of using the money to help the Iranian population. Many of us Iranian American Jews who fled the regime in Iran during the last 30 years, know first hand at the heinous nature of that regime which knows nothing more than to advance mindless killing and destruction of innocent lives in order to achieve their sick religious goals. At the end of the day Israel has no other choice but to defend itself against the constant attacks from Iranian funded terrorist groups like Hamas, but the real cancer of the Middle East which is Iran’s regime must somehow be stopped or eliminated otherwise conflicts such as the one in Gaza today will sadly continue for years to come.

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