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Yet another anti-Semitic program on Iranian state-run TV

by Karmel Melamed

March 2, 2008 | 12:11 pm

It’s simply amazing how truly hypocritical and idiotic the current Iranian government is when it comes to their messages put out in the media regarding Jews. Day in and day out the Iranian regime goes to great lengths to differentiate how they hate Israel and the “Zionist” enemy but supposedly “love the Jews and treat the Jews in their country with rights”. What a bunch of B.S.! The Iranian regime may project an image of “loving Jews” when it comes to the Western media but when one takes a closer look at their domestic television news or entertainment program, the opposite is true.

The Washington-based, Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has recently exposed one of the latest anti-Semitic television series put out by Iranian state-run television called “40 Soldiers”. The series, created by Mohammad Nourizad supposedly examines Islamic historical perspectives where the Shiite Islamic prophet Ali is depicted as conquering the Jewish fortress called “Khaybar”. Basically the entire translated program which can be seen here on the MEMRI site portrays Jews as evil and seeking to harass “peace-loving Muslims”. Here’s a sample of the translation of what the narrator’s show says during the 28-part series:

“The Jews [who lived] in the suburbs of Al-Madina harassed the Muslims, especially the Prophet [Muhammad]. They repeatedly violated the agreements. This is Khaybar, an inhabited region far from Al-Madina. Some of the fortresses of the Jews have been liberated by the Muslims, but their most important fortress still stands, and all the Muslims efforts to take control of it have been unsuccessful. Hunger afflicts the Muslim army, making the campaign even more difficult. They are all hungry - even the commanders and the Prophet’s companions.”

One Jewish character on the series named “Marhab” is portrayed as trying to eliminate Muslims:

“In my view, the Muslims are the angel of death for the Israelites. They have come to separate us from Moses and Aaron. The eyes of Judaism are set upon you and me. Fight, as if you want to wipe them out. I will eradicate this community [of Muslims].”

The next time you see or hear about the government in Iran being “benevolent to the Jews, loving Jews, or offering Jews equal rights in Iran”, you can be rest assured that it’s all pretty much the regime’s propaganda put out to place themselves in a good light. The regime and it’s leaders have a deep rooted ideological hatred for Jews and other non-Muslims. They might be able to deny this hatred in the Western media every once in a while but they never fail to hide it from the public in Iran.

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