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Podcast Interview: Former C.I.A. director Woolsey speaks out on Iran’s nuclear program

by Karmel Melamed

June 28, 2009 | 10:10 pm

Ambassador and former director of Central Intelligence Agency, R. James Woolsey

On June 18th Ambassador and the former Central Intelligence director R. James Woolsey visited the Musuem of Tolerance in Los Angeles for an event put together by the local Iranian Jewish group 30 Years After to discuss the threat of Iran’s growing nuclear weapons program. Woolsey, who is co-chair of the New York based United Against Nuclear Iran organization, spoke with our blog’s podcast about the current unrest in Iran and the potential dangers a nuclear Iran would bring to the entire Middle East.

Our podcast interview with Woolsey can be heard: here

After following the Iranian government’s activities for many years myself, in my opinion Woolsey is perhaps the most knowledgeable former U.S. government official with regards to Iran’s current regime. I was pleasantly surprised to hear his comprehensive knowledge of many aspects of the Iranian government structure including his knowledge of the “Hojatia” (pronounced Ho-Ja-Tee-Ya) or the radical fundamentalist Iranian Shiite cult group based in Qom, Iran which Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad belongs to. The Hojatia believe that they must bring about an international war where thousands are destroyed in order to speed up the arrival of their messiah. Woolsey’s familiarity of the Hojatia and explanation of their insane beliefs only reinforces the reality that Iran’s government must not be permitted to to have any type of nuclear program. All Americans, Europeans and others who value life on this planet must come together to stop this regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons because thost in power in Iran will not hesitate to use such weapons on those who do not believe in their radical form of Shiite Islam.

(left to right; R. James Woosley, Rabbi Abraham Cooper and former U.S. Ambassador Mark Wallace, photo by Michael Yadegaran.


(left to right; R. James Woolsey and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Rabbi Abraham Cooper, photo by Michael Yadegaran.
Crowd gathered at the Musuem of Tolerance to hear the discussion on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, photo by Michael Yadegaran.
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