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Marvin Kharrazi…the other Iranian Jewish stand-up comic!

by Karmel Melamed

December 11, 2007 | 10:20 pm

Ask him what his name means in English, and Iranian Jewish stand-up comic Marvin Kharrazi will sarcastically say, “satisfied donkey!” His parents, however, are less satisfied. “I still can’t have a conversation with my mom without her pleading with me to return to law school, or even consider medical school!” the 33-year-old Bay area based comic said.

I met the very funny Kharrazi two years ago when he contributed his funny articles to the Iranian Jewish Chronicle magazine. He pokes fun at the cultural differences between young Americanized Jews of Iranian heritage and their older traditional parents. He is one of a small group of young Iranian American Jews trying to make a living as an entertainer amidst criticism from family members in the community who are not to pleased with his financially unstable career choice. In one article he states:

“As I go down the list of traditional Iranian Jewish tenants, it seems like I am going for a perfect record of breaking them all. Not being a doctor or lawyer - check. Not living at home with my parents until I get married - check. Having long-term romantic relationships outside of my racial/religious heritage - check. And now there’s a new one that may soon be added to the list: not having an income large enough to ensure my parents, as well as myself, are financially well supported - C-H-E-C-K. Too bad I can’t cash in those checks, everybody would be happy”.

Kharrazi is indeed not alone when it comes to being a stand-up, Dan Ahdoot, the 20-something Iranian Jewish comic hailing from New York is another up and coming successful entertainer from our community. While Ahdoot has hit the college circuit doing his routine, Kharrazi has been performing at corporate parties and various comic clubs including the Laugh Factory, the Comedy Store and the L.A. Improv. Funny enough he also does comedy roasts at private parties where the guest of honor, who is typically having a birthday, is “roasted” much to the pleasure of his/her family members. Kharrazi has had some moderate success with the comedy career so far as and was a semi-finalist at the “Rooster T Feathers” comedy contest in Sunnyvale. Those interested in Kharrazi’s comedy services are asked to call: 831-535-2369.

The following are clips from one of his most recent performances:

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