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Iranian college newsletter banned for insinuating Holocaust was true

by Karmel Melamed

November 2, 2009 | 10:18 am

Members of the Iranian government never cease to surprise me with the daily idiotic denials of the Holocaust and the great lengths to which they go to disrespect the memory of the millions of innocent lives who perish at the hands of the Nazis. The latest example of the regime’s purely moronic attempts to deny the existence of the Holocaust was forwarded to me via bloggers and readers of this blog who are based in Iran. They sent me the below official letter in Persian language coming from the president of the University of “Khaje Nasir” in Tehran that is calling on his subordinate to shut down the university’s student newsletter called “Galawej” on September 22, 2009. The student newsletter was closed by the university simply because the publication printed articles insinuated that the Holocaust did indeed occur!


Iran’s Amir Kabir news agency reported last month that the Galawej newsletter was shut down simply because students have accepted the truth of the Holocaust, a concept that runs contrary to the Iranian regime’s official policy of denying the horrid Nazi genocide. It seems as if the Iranian government’s thugs, also known as the “Basiji”, have threatened force against the university’s management over a small student newsletter that carries a message of truth. Pressure from the regime on Iran’s educational centers from the government is proof enough of the regime’s totalitarian nature. This ridiculous crack down on freedom of speech in Iran and continued denial of the Holocaust is clear evidence that Iran’s political leaders are pure evil— striving to silence anyone they can who thinks or speaks contrary to their views. One is left wondering how members of the Obama administration can go on negotiating with Iran’s leadership when such clear examples of the Iranian regime’s totally illogical and immoral behavior continues. Do the administration’s members really think Iranian government officials will keep their word, obey the rule of law or consider basic human morality when the same regime blatantly denies the Holocaust? How naïve! It’s time for America and its leaders to wake up to the reality that Iran’s regime is not to be trusted and this latest episode of their cracking down on freedoms is just another wake up call coming to us directly from Tehran.

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