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Iranian Cleric proudly proclaims most Jews are evil sorcerers

by Karmel Melamed

July 6, 2014 | 11:20 am

Iranian regime's radical Islamic clerics

The Iranian regime’s propaganda machine goes out of its way to portray itself as giving the Jews “wide freedoms” and not being anti-Semitic. Yet occasionally the real truth of the Iranian regime’s ugly hatred for Jews slips out on the state-run media from time to time. Such was the case in this latest Iranian television interview with Hojatoleslam Valiollah Naghipourfar who proudly proclaims most Jews are evil sorcerers:


For those individuals who still foolishly believe Iran is a “great place for the Jews to live”, this brief interview with Naghipourfar, who is also a professor of Islamic Studies at Tehran University, is perhaps the clearest proof of the deep rooted anti-Semitism of the Iranian regime today. In the interview Naghipourfar discusses at length about “Jinns” which according to Islamic mythology are supernatural creatures or demonic genies. He goes a step further and says, “the Jew is very practiced in sorcery, indeed most sorcerers are Jews and Judaism is a faith that involves the ‘black arts’”.  Interestingly enough during the interview, Naghipourfar claims that the demonic or evil genies are used by Jews for espionage or control of a country and “such has been the case in Europe in past years”. What is most interesting about this Naghipourfar interview is the fact that he does not use the word “Zionist” but instead uses the words Jews and Judaism as the target of his attacks. This is need unique because most often than not the Iranian regime’s clerics and buffoon spokespeople typically claim that they have “no problems” with average Jews but that their real beef is with Israelis and Israel. Obviously with this latest interview we see the real anti-Semitic face of the Iranian regime with its cleric who is point blank proclaiming the regime’s hate for Jews and Judaism.

Now apologists for the Iranian regime living in the U.S. and Europe will claim that Naghipourfar is only a fringe cleric and in the minority who is anti-Semitic. But this claim that he is in the minority is simply absurd because his anti-Semitic tirades were broadcasted on the Iranian regime’s most powerful tightly controlled state-run television network “Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting” (IRIB). Everyone who is well aware of the IRIB knows that nothing is aired on that network without the wide ranging consensus or approval of various influential elements in the Iranian regime! Besides, Naghipourfar is also a paraded out on Iranian state-run television as an expert and a university professor to give his statements legitimacy.  If he was truly on the fringe, then why did the IRIB give him so much promiment coverage and legitimacy?

Americans and the American Jewish community need to take serious notice of the disturbing anti-Semitic comments spewing out of the Iranian regime’s leaders today because it is proof that the regime is not peaceful and follows a dangerous ideology of hate. I will not compare Nazi Germany to the Iranian regime today because the crimes of Nazism were beyond evil, but today we are seeing many of the same anti-Semitic propaganda coming out of Iran that was also being generated by the Nazi propaganda machine. This trend is extremely dangerous and must be stopped. The current U.S. administration needs to wake up real fast and stop its efforts to forge a friendship with the Iranian regime that is so anti-Semitic and filled with such absurd radical Shiite Islamic ideology. All efforts to warm relations with the Iranian regime that is so steeped in anti-Semitism only gives their sick beliefs an indirect legitimacy.
Wake up America, the Iranian regime is not your friend!
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