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Coulter & Ahmadinejad need to leave the Jews alone

by Karmel Melamed

October 11, 2007 | 3:00 pm

It’s surprising to me how both conservative author Ann Coulter and Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are getting free publicity these days for talking trash about the Jews! Someone needs to tell these people to back off and take care of their own business. Coulter on Monday night on CNBC told talk show host Donny Deutsch that the “Jews need to be perfected” and dodged Deutsch’s questions about her comments being similar to those of Ahmadinejad. On the same note last week Ahmadinejad told crowds at a rally in Tehran that Israel should be destroyed and the Jews should be sent to Alaska or Canada.

It amazing how foreign dictators including those in the Middle East over the centuries have used the Jews as the perfect scapegoat for turning the attention of the masses away from their own shortcomings. Now I can understand why Ahmadinejad keeps bad mouthing the Jews and calling for Israel to “be wiped off the map”. Aside from the fact that he is loony, he has some serious economic problems in Iran and distracting the masses with crazy talk about Israel being the “little Satan” is an ideal way to keep people’s attention away from the high inflation, double digit unemployment and the gas shortages. However one is left wondering why Coulter now brings up the Jews and the need for them to be converted? Does saying the Jews need to be “perfected” help her sell more books? Does Coulter have some nasty scandal coming up where the Jews are her ideal scapegoat as well? I honestly don’t know.

What I do know is that Coulter and Ahmadinejad need to leave the Jews alone and mind their own business! For crying out loud, we Jews don’t even make up one percent of the world’s population and everyone keeps blaming us for everything. We’re tired of being your scapegoats…you all need to blame something else for a change, like global warming or the Internet. Coulter and Ahmadinejad should try to get more publicity in another way rather than bringing us up.

By the way for all of you that don’t speak the Persian language, the word “Ann” in Persian translates to “feces”.

Lastly I thank my right honorable collegue Brad Greenberg for his kind words about my blog. I urge you all to read the transcript of what Coulter said to Deutsch on his blog: The God Blog

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