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Blame Iran first…and blame Iran last for the current Gaza war

by Karmel Melamed

July 20, 2014 | 10:39 pm

(left to right; Hamas leader Ismail Haniya joyfully embraces Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)

A few days ago some international reporters contacted to me to obtain my insights about the wider regional implications of the recent Israeli-Hamas war raging on in Gaza. They were quite surprised when I said very plainly; “blame Iran’s regime first and blame Iran’s regime last” for the senseless killing and destruction going on in Gaza and Israel today. For those of us Iranian American journalists who understand Persian language and watch Iranian state-run propaganda television from time to time, we see and hear the Iranian regime’s leadership boasting about their financial and military support to Hamas. The Iranian regime’s cronies proudly proclaim on their television broadcasts that state funds are sent directly to Hamas “fighters against the Zionist entity” in Gaza. Each year millions in petro-dollars are pumped from the Iranian regime’s coffers into the bank accounts of Hamas leaders in the Persian Gulf states and millions of dollars’ worth of arms, explosives and rockets are sent from Iran and smuggled into the hands of Hamas terrorists in Gaza each year. The financial and military viability of Hamas in Gaza lies in the hands of the deviant ayatollahs in Iran who like puppeteers direct their proxy Hamas to launch attacks and rockets into Israel. So in essence if you removed the Iranian regime from the equation of the war between Israel and Hamas, there would be no mass scale destruction, death and war since Hamas would not be in any position to launch such a conflict in the first place.

What is particularly sad is that the U.S., European nations and the media in the West during the last two weeks of the current war between Hamas and Israel have failed to point the right finger of fault at Iran’s evil radical Islamic regime! Why are no Arab protestors in the streets of Berlin, London and Paris denouncing the Iranian regime for bringing upon the people of Gaza this level of death and destruction by funding and arming a terrorist entity that is using human shields? Where is the Obama administration’s outrage over Iran’s leaders directing their proxy Hamas to continue launching rockets at Israel instead of stopping the conflict? Is no one (aside from Israel’s leaders) blaming the Iranian regime for continuing to pour gasoline on the flames of this current conflict in Gaza instead of reigning in their Hamas proxy? The answers to these questions are quite simple… it’s just plain easier to blame the Jews and Israel. But Israel did not start this conflict and Israel has repeatedly accepted calls for a ceasefire—but yet the ayatollahs in Iran direct Hamas to continue with the bloodshed.

The journalists who I spoke with asked me why the Iranian regime did not reign in Hamas and stop the bloodshed. That answer is very simple as well…they do not want stability in the region especially during their international negotiations for retaining nuclear weapons capabilities. The Iranian regime’s leaders wish to keep Israel, its biggest threat, embroiled in a conflict instead of focusing its diplomatic and other efforts on Iran. Likewise the Iranian regime’s mullahs want to make Israel look like the “bad guy” that is supposedly killing innocents in order to shift the focus of the world away from Iran’s evil regime that is seeking nuclear weapons.

Lastly what truly disgusts me as an Iranian American journalist is that the Iranian regime pours millions of dollars into the hands of these sick Hamas terrorists who do not value either Muslim or Jewish lives instead of feeding the millions of starving poverty stricken people in Iran! The Iranian regime fails to pour millions into developing the infrastructure of Iran but instead sends this money to a faraway land to terrorists who cause death and destruction! Again and the again the Iranian regime’s leaders show that their disgusting radical religious dogma has zero interest in helping to improve the lives of average people in Iran but instead it values blood being shed in Israel and Gaza so they can achieve their political ends. Shame on the Obama administration and the governments in Europe for not publicly laying the blame of this latest Hamas-Israel war on the Iranian regime that continues to fund and arm Hamas to pursue conflict, death and destruction in the region. Iran should be pressured to reign in their proxy Hamas and end their involvement with funding these terrorists-- instead in seems like the international community is still asleep at the wheel when it comes to the Iranian regime.

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