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Nicolas Sarkozy: Time running out for Iran diplomacy

by John Irish and Daniel Flynn, Reuters

January 20, 2012 | 8:53 am

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy delivers a speech to present his New Year wishes to the foreign diplomatic corps at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Jan. 20. Photo by REUTERS/Charles Platiau

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said on Friday that time was running out to avoid a military intervention in Iran and he appealed... read full article

  • IAEA to press Iran over nuclear concerns


    January 19, 2012 | 8:35 am

    The U.N. nuclear watchdog chief said it was his duty to warn the world about suspected Iranian activities that point to plans to develop atomic bombs,...

  • Ehud Barak: Attack on Iran ‘very far off’


    January 18, 2012 | 8:40 am

    An Israeli attack on Iran is “very far off,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.

    “We haven’t made any decision to do this. The entire thing is...

  • Iran starts underground nuclear work, condemns American to die

    by Parisa Hafezi and Fredrik Dahl, Reuters

    January 9, 2012 | 8:50 am

    Iranian and Western sources said on Monday Iran had switched on a uranium enrichment plant deep inside a mountain, a momentous step that aggravates...

  • Iran threatens to cut off Mideast oil


    December 27, 2011 | 12:03 pm

    Iran will close the Strait of Hormuz if its oil exports are subjected to foreign sanctions, the Islamic Republic’s official news agency reported.


  • Israel’s Iran strategy: Bombs? Bluff? Both?

    by Dan Williams, Reuters

    December 7, 2011 | 5:55 pm

    If Washington is perplexed by Israeli “opacity” on whether it might attack Iran, that is no accident, since Israel’s leaders are themselves torn - but...

  • Barak: No strike on Iran anytime soon

    by Jeffrey Heller, Reuters

    December 1, 2011 | 8:23 am

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Thursday an Israeli attack on Iran is not imminent but all options remain open to stop what Israel sees as an Iranian bid...

  • U.N. nuclear watchdog board set to rebuke defiant Iran

    by Fredrik Dahl and Sylvia Westall, Reuters

    November 18, 2011 | 7:17 am

    The 35-nation board of the U.N. nuclear watchdog looked set on Friday to censure Iran over mounting suspicions it is seeking to develop atom bombs, after...

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