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Lindsay Lohan’s Israeli Girlfriend?

by Hollywood Jew

July 13, 2010 | 1:27 pm

The latest news out of the Lohan camp, besides that 90-day jail sentence, is Lindsay’s new girlfriend—Israeli Eilat Anschel.

The pair met in L.A. amidst Lohan’s struggles with her unsightly SCRAM bracelet. According to TMZ.com, the beautiful brunette became Lohan’s crying shoulder, and the relationship grew more serious…only to be interrupted by Lohan’s mandatory leave of absence.

To be fair, Lohan probably needs some love. On her birthday, she alleges, a waitress punched her in the face “for no reason.” In court last week, the judge compared her to “someone who cheats.” She’s going to jail. 

Maybe Anschel, a veteran of the IDF, is exactly what Lindsay needs. Someone who can get her back when waitresses punch her, or at the very least, someone to keep track of her Alcoholic Anonymous appointments. 

Whatever the case may be, Lindsay’s new love interest may point to something deeper, especially considering her ex: perhaps Lohan’s flirtation with Judaism last year when she was dating then-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, a Jew from Long Island, wasn’t just some fleeting thrill but a real attraction to the chosen. Only time—perhaps only a month and a half—will tell.

by Daniella Penn, Hollywood Jew intern

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