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LeBron James gets slammed at Ohio Jewish Community Center

by Lauren Bottner

November 14, 2011 | 5:43 pm

Pro-basketball star LeBron James filled in for a team at the Mandel Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Cleveland, Ohio at the last minute and not surprisingly crushed his opponents.

But after the game, James got slammed by a sandwich shop worker located within the JCC who reacted to what he thought he heard James say: “These Jews suck at basketball,” reported TMZ.

TMZ spoke with the man who admitted to offering some choice words to James, including “Princess James get out of Cleveland” and “F**k you, you ruined the NBA.” The man was later suspended for three days for the verbal attack. 

James’ rep tells TMZ he didn’t make the comment at all.  Additionally TMZ received a statement from a member of James’ team who reported the allegation is “nonsense” and insisted that he “couldn’t have been nicer to everyone at the JCC, both Jews and non-Jews.”

So perhaps the mustard fumes from the sandwich shop caused the man to become delusional or he was just rooting for the other team seeing as James not only has a pretty good relationship with the Jews but also consulted with orthodox Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto for a business meeting last year.

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