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Jon Stewart defends Obama’s godless Thanksgiving message

by Lauren Bottner

December 1, 2011 | 11:39 am

Jon Stewart, host of the “Daily Show” wants Fox News to stay out of his turkey dinner. Stewart took offense to Fox News’ criticism that President Barack Obama failed to mention God in his Youtube Thanksgiving message. Stewart thinks it’s just fine that Obama left God out of it.

According to The Wrap, Stewart said:

“This is about turning Thanksgiving into yet another one of those Christian persecution culture war type things. And let me just say: Don’t you do it. Don’t you do it to Thanksgiving. I’ll give you the war on Christmas. We are trying to f—- that up. I’ll give that up. But this is all Reform Jews have left. ... Name another holiday where you can get drunk around your kids by 2 p.m.”

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