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by Tiferet Peterseil

October 26, 2009 | 1:33 pm

I don’t remember much about being born, but I know the event took place in New York a whopping 26 years ago. That’s the most Americana thing about me, because 2 years later my parents uprooted our clan and moved to Jerusalem, Israel, where I was raised, together with 8 other attempts to clone me. As the middle of 9 children, I always wondered why my parents needed so many test runs to get the perfect version of me. And why on earth did they continue after they got it? But believe me, having a lot of siblings comes in handy when you don’t want time alone with yourself or you’re looking for someone to blame. And of course, siblings are perfect as foils for your psychologist, in this case, my mother, who is ALSO a Sexologist—an Orthodox Sexologist, no less, with some very UnOrthodox notions (more about that in my blog). My Father’s a publisher, a gifted author, and also my producer – not only genetically speaking – having written and directed the many Jewish plays I’ve starred in, and which we’ve presented to various Jewish communities in Israel and abroad. We never made it to Hollywood, but I did manage to study acting there and even had a chance to star in some off, off (way off) Broadway shows before moving on to the flickering lights of Tel Aviv.

My road to Near East Fame has led me through the most surreal of situations: auditions where the dress code is minimalist (to say the least); interviews with big shots of the acting industry who are more than happy to help me make my way to the top, as long as I cut my hair, change my dress, and switch my name to Tiffany; working with at least one agent who makes Ari Gold look like he could get the Ethics Oscar; and actor friends who are happy to step on your feet, knees, shoulders and head if it will help them reach their goal.

No life for a nice Jewish girl, right?

Well, I have plenty of comic relief along the way, and even give some back as I try my luck at Standup comedy. And there’s no lack of material as I squeeze in a date here and there. Talk about Bizarre, Hysterical, and Awkward (those are the names of my last three dates). I have enough material for the next 25 years of Standup (God forbid!).

I’ve starred in many shows and musicals both in the Holy Land and in the Land Less Holy (the good ol’ USA). Lately I’ve even had the chance to star in movies with some acclaimed Israeli actors (more about that in my blog too).

My blog is humorous, honest, and sometimes hard-to-believe, but it all comes from my life experiences, and some of the stupid mistakes I make regarding people, places and things. I’m pretty popular, although the only people I have on speed dial are my parents and eight siblings, and did I mention—acting is my life. 

Besides acting, I enjoy writing, laughing at other people’s jokes, (or at other people, period.) tap dancing, the Italian language (I’m still working on veni, vedi, vici),  the great outdoors, and select marsupials, felines and canines as well as—Oops. Hey, I’ve got to leave a little something to tell my dates.


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I don’t remember much about being born, but I know the event took place in New York a whopping 26 years ago. That’s the most Americana thing about me, because 2 years later...

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