Jewish Journal

The Jewish Film Festival and This Day of Beauty

by  Joan Hyler

April 29, 2011 | 12:16 pm

Aside from the obvious news of the day, the other great news, the launch of the Endeavor (now postponed) has the regal splendor of Representative Gabrielle Gifford’s recovery.  This Hadassah member is truly a Woman of Valor.  Kabbalistically (since we are in the Omer counting period, it is a true Day of Beauty) it is also a day to honor Linda Shayne and her ascension to the Chairwomanship of the Morningstar Commission as Olivia Cohen Cutler (ABC executive extraordinaire) has been succeeded by Linda and both followed the honor I had of being it’s first Chairwoman.  Morningstar filmmaker Hillary Helstein continues to be involved in the Jewish Film Festival which opens at the Writer’s Guild May 5th.  Check the Jewish Film Festival’s website for all the info and join us for this yearly film tribute to among the best in film making with Jewish involvement.

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