Jewish Journal

Purim and “Miral”

by  Joan Hyler

March 17, 2011 | 1:08 pm

Much has been made of this Julian Schnabel movie. The hue and cry has been heard internationally from leading Jewish and Israeli groups. Although I have not seen this movie, it has occurred to me in reading the Purim story that it feels like a good time for us Jews in show business, who care, to think about the Esther story in terms of developing a quality movie based on her plight and great success. Queen Esther is one of my personal heroines. Especially when she decides to reveal her true Jewish identity to her husband, a notorious Anti-Semite and King. In a touching scene, he says to her Uncle Mordechi “If I die, then I die.” Her resignation to her faith is heroic, tragic, and very touching. Of course we all know the end of the story…that she does not die, is accepted as the Queen, and presides over a great victory that we celebrate to this day. Natalie Portman would make a phenomenal Queen Esther, and her personal commitment to being Jewish really qualifies her for this role. Have a wonderful holiday, and don’t forget the mitzvah of the day includes “hearing the Migella.” We must not just listen to the Migella, but “hear it” as well. Happy holiday.

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