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Hollywood Matriarchs and Me

by  Joan Hyler

November 23, 2009 | 2:54 pm

So Oprah is leaving her show in 2011 - the airwaves are abuzz with this news - who’s next?

These are the Days of the Matriarchs in our Torah - more than the men who met their ‘twilight’ years (i.e. Abraham) with a Third Act that was slightly less fraught than the other two acts of their lives - our Patriarchs faced less of the Grim Reality than their wives (i.e. Sara, Rachel).

Thinking of Hollywood Matriarchs - I am impressed by many who semi retire like Sherry Lansing, after a full career as a producer and studio head - and use their money and power in philanthropic pursuits.  Laura Ziskin (still actively producing the “Spiderman” series) is using her power and money to fight cancer.  Both Jewish girls, these powerful women are worthy of our Torah female prototypes: they live in the world and use their accomplishments for the greater good.

Jewishly active CBS Entertainment Prez. Nina Tassler has just become the new head of the LA Federation’s Entertainment Committee.  Nina went to Israel this past summer to teach with the Federation - Tel Aviv U partnership along with former Fox head Gail Berman - two more modern Matriarchs.

Well known locally, these Jewish women don’t have Oprah’s profound wealth or fame - yet they are all worthy Matriarchs.

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