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WTF? David Guetta to perform at Masada, site of notorious Birthright sunrise hike

by Simone Wilson

September 12, 2013 | 10:15 am

EDM's last stand

The Masada isn't just for Birthright kids on their mandatory Day 4 sunrise hikes anymore: Come middle of next month, it will likewise play sound-wall to one of the world's highest-profile DJs. (And he's not really even a Jew!)

No, David Guetta will not be playing on top of the Masada's 1,300-foot plateau in his headlining performance for the first-ever "Dead Sea Rave" on October 17, because that would be too dangerous/awesome. "The event will be underneath the Masada, not on top of it," said a rave representative over email, as "the top of the mountain is limited to few hundred people only & is used for small live shows."

In case you haven't yet been subjected to The Hike, a little history: Aside from Birthright kids, the Masada was once home to the great King Herod, and hundreds of Jewish rebels after him. The rebels then committed mass suicide when the Roman army surrounded them in what is known as the Jews' last stand in ancient Israel, circa the early 70s AD. And if I know my Israeli welcoming committees, Guetta is in for an at least five-hour version of this story at the historic site before he takes the arena on Thursday night. Masada history: So dorky it's cool? Hipster Jew seems to think so.

Dead Sea Rave promoters are playing up the "lowest point on Earth" thing, and have even nicknamed the rave "minus 424" after its number of meters below sea level. (A concept already sort of taken by that 424 salt company, but I guess it's cute enough to go around.) They'll also have bragging rights to the first-ever popular music event held at the Masada Arena for people who aren't super young or super old: Previously, the arena has only hosted family festivals and classical/opera shows.

And with that, Israel's nature-party legacy goes mainstream. Unless the BDS buzzkills — or the Byzantines — get to Guetta first.  

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