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Sex, drugs and artifacts: 60 Israelis detained at wild ‘peyote party’ on post-army trip to Peru

by Simone Wilson

March 27, 2014 | 2:20 pm

"The foreigners were found in a state of inebriation and under the influence of drugs." (Screen shot via La Republica. Video embedded at bottom of post.)

Anyone who has budget-traveled to South America or Southeast Asia knows them well: They descend upon your hostel, campground or nature clearing like a pack of wild party hyenas, shouting all night in a puzzling loogie language and leaving a trail of empty bottles and garbagestuffs in their wake. Their head and facial hairs grow wilder and tanglier than the psychedelic ayahuasca vine in spring. The male variety is actually a lot like the American Bro, but with more Middle East conflict cred and rugged/spiritual undertones.

They're post-army Israelis — shaking off two to three years of military repression while shaking the Earth they walk on; finding their inner peace while testing everyone else's; opening their eyes to the world while opening the world's eyes to coming-of-age Israel.

And they just took their notoriety next-level.

Last Saturday night/Sunday morning, among the Sacsayhuaman archeological ruins outside Cuzco, Peru, the Israeli trail rager to end all trail ragers was busted by Peruvian police.

The local police department's head of tourism, Cmdr. Juvenal Cereceda, told me over the phone that after receiving a noise complaint from park authorities, cops found around 60 tourists — all Israeli, with the exception of one American and one Argentinian — and a few natives in the throes of a "peyote party" in a secluded corner of the park. Among those, two Peruvians and seven Israeli youngsters between the ages of 20 and 23 are currently being held at the police station for selling drugs at the party. (Cereceda said they'll come before a judge on Tuesday.)

"I've never seen a party like this," the commander said of the bust.

According to La Republica, a leftist daily in Peru, the revelers were found in four illegally constructed adobe huts in a section of the archeological site called Mulluqocha.

Spoils of the raid allegedly included innumerable bottles of alcohol and bags of cocaine paste, liquid cocaine and marijuana — strewn out in the open and hidden inside backpacks, purses and "strategic places on the walls and floor."

A video report of the raid (embedded at the bottom of this post) also shows police pulling various water-bottle bongs from the wreckage.

Shit just got weirder from there. "Several tourists were caught having sex in rooms equipped for seances," surrounded by "lots of used condoms," reports La Republica. And in a basement of one of the structures, police found 21 fragments from ancient Inca artifacts, believed to have been "unearthed during the construction of the property" and never turned over to the proper authorities.

Cereceda also said that bottles of spray paint found at the scene could be connected to recent vandalism at several archaeological sites in and around Cuzco.

Park director Oscar Montufar is viewing the party as an assault on Peru's cultural heritage. He told La Republica that "the Mulluqocha sector is very near to the monuments of Sacsayhuaman. Furthermore, it is close to an Inca kocha which was a center of worship."

Israeli media outlets aren't being much kinder toward the wayward youth, pointing out that they're only the latest in a long line of travel douches spoiling Israel's name abroad. (The most naked example being Amichay Rab of MyNakedTrip.com, pictured above.) In its report on the "late-night drunken, drug-addled sex orgy," left-wing daily Haaretz writes:

Two months ago, four Israeli ex-soldiers were arrested for starting a bonfire in a Chilean national park; two years ago, another one, Rotem Singer, accidentally started a massive forest fire in the country after burning toilet paper.

As the Israeli Foreign Ministry is currently staging the grandest strike in its history, and has closed down all international embassies, the seven jailed Israelis are on their own, save a public defender provided by the Peruvian police. Oh — and a "rabbi of the Chabad Hasidic movement working with the Jewish community in Peru" who reportedly reached out to them after their epic party got crashed.

Yet something tells me that once these fools do crawl back to the Holy Land, they'll be greeted with hundreds of startup job offers and celebrated as all-time Legends of the Trail Rager. 

Here's their walk of shame, immortalized in history by a Peruvian TV news crew:

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