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by LiAmi Lawrence

July 24, 2012 | 7:48 pm

Forty years after the Munich Olympic massacre in which 11 Israeli Olympians were killed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) still has not honored the Israeli victims of a so-called peaceful Olympics.  In 1972, not only did the German Government ignore warnings three weeks before the Olympics of an impending terrorist plot against the Israelis, after the massacre the games went on -business as usual.  Of course there were pictures of a few people crying- but recently released pictures of the Olympic village after the massacre show athletes lounging in the sun as the party went on cause they were only Jews-only 11 of them-after all Germany killed six million 30 years before -so what’s another 11?

But the show must go on - and on the Olympics went.  Let’s cut the BS- If Russian athletes were murdered,  would the show go on?  Nyet- Cuban athletes?  No way Jose!  But Israelis, who cares?  Jewish life is cheap.  The US should have pulled out of the Olympics immediately but didn’t.  And the world quickly forgot. 
For forty years Israel has asked for a moment of silence for the athletes and forty years it was rejected.

“It’s a downer.” “The Jews should get over it”  “Let’s party!”  The head of the IOC, Jaques Rogge, (himself an athlete at the 1972 Olympics) is an anti-semitic piece of shit-yes I said it—doesn’t believe in a moment of silence at the opening ceremonies Friday night in London.  Instead, to deflect criticism,  he held his own moment of silence with a few of his friends earlier this week in a private ceremony. How lovely!  He is saying to himself “Why won’t these g-d damn Jews stop whining already?”

What these damn Jews want is a moment of silence.  The whole Olympic village is a sham.  The IOC is a sham. Peace, love and brotherhood is a sham.  How nice that the team from Iran has graciously consented not to run off the field this Olympics, if they face Israeli opponents unlike years past.  After all, we Jews should be grateful that Israel is even invited to participate at all.  How many countries don’t even recognize our right to exist? 

The real hero is Ankie Spitzer, widow of murdered Israeli fencing coach Andrei Spitzer, who has been trying to get the IOC to honor these victims.  Her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.  If the Olympics won’t pay tribute to our fallen heroes then we need to do it ourselves.  The 2012 Israeli Olympic team needs to march into the Stadium Friday night wearing black armbands and pictures of our murdered athletes.  F it, and I don’t give a damn, we need to have some respect for ourselves and march in with our heads held up high to remind the world that our athletes were murdered during this so-called peaceful event and if the world community won’t do the right thing and honor them-we will!

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