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I ain’t no Uncle Tomer

by LiAmi Lawrence

September 20, 2011 | 1:39 pm

I aint no ” Uncle Tomer” (Jewish equivlent of Uncle Tom)- I as a Jew wont vote for President Obama.  I am or was a liberal Democrat all my life.  I voted for this man and I cried tears of happiness when he was elected.  What a disappointment he turned out to be.  Obama, the inept and uncaring president has made Jimmy Carter look like a genuis.  Not since Jimmy Carter has the Jews turned against a Democratic president in such numbers.

Firstl, this man has spent more than $10 million on vacations while millions of people are unemployed ,losing their houses and don’t have money for the basic things in life like condoms, cigarettes and alcohol. lol   Why is he not vacationing on the unemployment line in a big city,  vacationing at a homeless shelter acting like a leader, a man of the people.  There are so many of us here in Pico-Robertson in the heart of “our communitay”  who are playing with our “matzah balls ” cause we ain’t got a job.  Where is our leader?  I know, we all must be “lazy and shiftless Jews”  cause we all be unemployed. 

Now lets talk about his treatment of Israel.  The man simply doesn’ t care. From the Reverend Wright fiasco, to the mysterious missing tape that the LA Times has of him honoring a Hamas supporter, to the actual reality of his actions as president.  It don’t look to good for us Jews.  His treatment of the Israeli Prme Minister, his statements on Israel.  “But yes, LiAmi, Bibi is a stubborn right winger and is impossible to deal with and Obama help rescue the Israeli diplomats in Cairo last week, when a mob attacked the embassy.”  “YIDDLE PLEASE”

Obama’s policies have created a nightmare for Israel.  Because the strongest world leader doesn’t stand up for Israel we have the mess that is going on in Egypt, Turkey and the UN.  Obama’s moral equivlency of the actions of Israelis to Palestinians is wrong.  Over 80% of the Jewish community voted for him and not since the Titanic has so many people jumped ship.  So now, Obama’s advisors (his Jews -these Uncle Tomer’s)  are telling him he must kiss some “Jewish tuchus”  if he is to get reelected. 

Now lets see Obama kiss some Jewish ass.  He gonna have to kiss ass real good cause many Jewish donors are not coming forward with their “shekels” for this man.  So my question to the rich Jews in our community-yes I am talking to you all the Berg’s ,Witz and Stein’s out there are you gonna be an “Uncle Tomer ”  and donate money to reelect this man or have some pride in yourself and support someone else.  Anyone else! 

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LiAmi is the former Director of Media for the Israeli Consulate and a public relations maven. A former actor & personal trainer to the rich and famous, he is known in the Los...

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