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Fly “Judenfrei” Delta Airlines to Saudi Arabia

by LiAmi Lawrence

July 19, 2011 | 12:04 pm

A few weeks ago it was announced that Delta Airlines entered into a partnership code sharing agreement with Saudi Arabian Airlines.  By making this choice and entering into this decision, Delta is becoming an enforcer of Saudi Arabian law which bans Israelis and Jews from entering the kingdom unless needed and invited by Royal officials. 

So Delta has become a partner in Judenfrei flights to Saudi Arabia.
NO JEWS ALLOWED! Now how do they know who is Jewish?  I smell gelfite fish here?  Do they look at people’s last names or look for a JEW Face?
Do they make you drop trou?  Do they look for the loud mouths on board?
How do they know who is a bagel eating “member of the tribe”?  I wont take any chance with my “Jewface”.  I just wont fly Delta.

My Yiddles and Yiddletes, if Delta thinks that becoming the Gestapo agents for the Royal family (“America’s best friends”-lol) and becoming a partner in this racist BS then we need to boycott.  Imagine if Israel refused entry of Arabs into Israel.  Imagine the uproar that would happen.  Boycotts, condemnation at the UN , more D list rock stars cancelling their Israeli concerts.  The fact is over 60,000 Palestinian visitors are expected to visit Israel this year.  Okay they may have been strip searched and inspected with dental floss by Israeli security -lol- but still they are welcomed.

Delta has received some flack for this decision and the story quickly faded from the headlines. I called Delta 3x and was told such things like “If we were racist we wouldn’t fly to Israel” and we are just following the law of the hosts country” and Delta doesn’t fly to Saudi Arabia -it’s partners do.”  Now Delta seems to be saying this is all misinformation and a misunderstanding.  Misinformation my “Tuchus”.  This is called backtracking and Delta should be ashamed.

I won’t fly Delta anymore and I hope you don’t as well until they apologize.  Racism has no part in American society and I will have no part of DELTA.  Delta owes the Jewish community an apology.

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