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Portman + Kunis = Sapphic ballet action

by Adam Wills

August 25, 2009 | 7:51 pm

Director Darren Aronofsky (“The Wrestler”) might as well go to Vegas and put money down on fanboys lining up in droves to see his ballerina thriller “Black Swan” ... that is if a rumor about the script pans out.

Natalie Portman (“Star Wars,” “V for Vendetta”) and Mila Kunis (“Family Guy,” “Robot Chicken,” “Max Payne”) will play ballerina rivals, although one might be the figment of the other’s imagination. Think “Fight Club” with tutus. And after discovering a scene in which Kunis and Portman explore their carnal Sapphic desires … with each other, ScriptShadow’s Carson Reeves concedes that his review of a March 25 draft script is pretty much pointless.

“And not just nice sweet innocent sex either. We’re talking ecstasy-induced hungry aggressive angry sex.”

But the greatest moment in cinematic history could be dashed if we’re to believe those bastards at CinemaBlend:

No one involved with the film is willing to confirm that it’s happening. The original story came from a site, which claimed to have somehow obtained the Black Swan and found the aforementioned gratuitous lesbian sex scene within it. So of course when journalists cornered Kunis at a roundtable interview to promote Extract they asked her about it. According to Collider she refused to address it. Well, sort of.

Actually what she said was this: “Yes. I’ve heard about this from everybody. I mean, something got out.” What she won’t say is whether what got out is accurate. Or for that matter, assuming it is accurate and this is in the script, are they actually shooting it as is? She did say the script “got a recent rewrite last weekend.” That means the script reviewed, assuming it’s real, is already out of date and the scene in question could already be gone.

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