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Bruckheimer nabs ‘Robot’ rights

by Adam Wills

July 31, 2009 | 11:07 am

In “World War Robot,” a graphic novel by Ashely Wood (“Tank Girl,” “Judge Dredd”), the human race is divided over religion and politics, waging war between Earth and Mars, with giant robots making the battles more intense. During Comic-Con, Jerry Bruckheimer closed a deal with Wood to secure the feature rights, Variety reports.

A “World War Robot” game for the iPhone/Touch is already in the works with Newtoy.

In January, io9 interviewed the other half of “World War Robot,” Jon Gibson, who discussed the graphic novel and its impressive toy line, designed by Wood and produced by Bigshot Toyworks and Threezeronline.

So what`s the storyline of World War Robot? What`s it about?
A dwindling band of humans and robots battle it out in what`ll probably end humanity as we know it - on Earth, Mars, and the Moon. Badass battles, really intense human/robot drama, plus it gets kinda political. And we`re attempting a little experiment with a different kind of humor. This war is the tail end of the worst things imaginable - epic catastrophes. So the comic is also dosed with a bit of “desperation comedy.” Like laughing while you`re crying.

What comes after that? Further plans for the World War Robot?
It`s all leading up to the release of the first WWR toy, a figure called Bertie that rocks. It`s 1/6th scale, stands 14 inches tall, and has an amazing 43 fucking points of articulation! That`s more moveable joints than grandma!

What`s it like working with Ashley?
Ash is so fucking talented. We`ve been trying to do something together for years on the comic front. He used to do a page-strip for me every month when I edited Play Magazine about 6 years ago - a spin-off of his incredible “Popbot” series. We`d met at E3 while he was working on art for Konami`s Contra: Shattered Soldier, and the rest is robot history.

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