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Israeli soldiers allegedly looted flotilla ships


Posted on Aug. 19, 2010 at 9:27 am

An Israeli officer and soldier are suspected of selling goods they confiscated from the Gaza flotilla after the May raid.

Military police are investigating whether an officer sold items to another soldier that were confiscated from the flotilla ships while they were docked in Ashdod, Ynet News reported. Three soldiers have already admitted they bought laptops from the second soldier, who was arrested Monday night.

The investigation comes as a number of Israeli and international committees are investigating the incident.

“The investigation has just begun, but as it appears now it will prove embarrassing and shameful,” a high-ranking Israeli officer said, according to Ynet.

The officer under suspicion commands a unit that had access to the ships while they were docked at Ashdod. Police say they think the second lieutenant stole four to six laptops from the ships. The three soldiers who admitted to buying the laptops said they were told the laptops were stolen from the flotilla, but did not report the theft to their commanders.

The officer and soldier have not appeared before court yet. Police say they will make more arrests but did not give details, Ynet reported.

Not long after the May raid, passengers aboard the flotilla ships complained credit cards, cell phones and other equipment had been confiscated and used. At the time, an IDF spokesman said all personal items had been transported from the country.

The IDF confirmed reports of an investigation but, according to Ynet, said the stolen items may not have been from the flotilla. An investigator said if it turns out the items were taken from on of the ships, the activists would be recompensed.

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